How Wipes Are Replacing Your Bottled Beauty Products

Prepare to be eliminated by this real fact of beauty: The market for skin care is growing at around 6 percent (annual), while clean facial cleansing market is growing at 10 percent. I can personally testify to an inbox full of press releases about magic, skin cleansing wipes-processing – the last one from Kleenex. So what’s behind the trend wipes? Why the saturated pads to clean the cleaning business? And if changing from a good old washing face a new kind of “exfoliating mattress”?

When you think about it, wipes have been around for a while. We need to remove makeup, nail polish, makeup brushes clean – not to mention the antiperspirants and self-tanning wipes. Giovanni even makes a washcloth to split ends.

However, while there is a towelette for each niche need, the only thing that seems to be driving the trend is that these things are multitasking and find a product that works multiple beauty to complement our systems we can save time and money. I was talking to a friend about exfoliants Kleenex Cushions (as done), and she said she absolutely loves them for cleaning, removing makeup and even removing the last traces of nail polish.

This alarmed me a little. Would you like to clean your face with nail polish remover? What it was in these things? Kleenex exfoliating cushion pad is a double-sided with an activated water inside cleaner. It was stated that give a healthy glow with a single application. Exfoliation is due in part to the texture “nubby” pad itself, but also enzyme-based exfoliant two of fruit, pineapple and papaya extracts. These fruits contain both pepain , a proteolytic enzyme that digests protein. Someone told me once papaya enzymes “eat” skin cells.

Not surprisingly, by a cynical soul like me, Kleenex tissues are not exactly squeaky clean. The first ingredient is PEG-100. A PEG, which is short of polyethyleneglycol, is usually associated with other classified by their molecular weight (100 in this case) compound. PEGs of all sizes can penetrate through the damaged skin barrier function at risk and should be avoided if the skin is not in the best conditions. The following is propylene glycol , classified as an irritant, penetration enhancer and should not be used on damaged skin. Fortunately, foaming, soapy material is lauryl sulfosuccinate, a relatively mild surfactant.

do not think Kleenex has tempted me to give up my Dr. Dennis Gross antioxidant cleaning cloths ($ 18 in store). I’m a little puzzled by these cloths hair Giovanni, however. Anti-frizz on the road seems like a great idea. I could not find the ingredients for them, but came through Giovanni Antibacterial Wipes ($ 10.99), which despite being considered mini machines germicides, are a mixture of pleasant aspect of natural oils that not only phenoxyethanol they like.

Market leader since 2015 is Neutrogena with wipes that cleanse, remove makeup and hydrate all for $ 6.99. In its danger, as there are a number of irritants known as isonyl isononyl, a pair of pins, some harsh preservatives such as sodium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol and iodopropyl butylcarbamate (which is toxic in more than 1 percent). The lesson seems to be that the formula of a wipe needs to be controlled as much as you would with a cleaning product.

Although personally I would like to Neutrogina a lady, I was pleasantly surprised refreshingly honest clean beauty wipes ($ 5.95) and First Aid Beauty Radiance Pad ($ 30). Finally, check that their wipes are biodegradable. The wipes growing trend is creating an environmental hazard. Three million dollars wipes clean beaches and waterways in northern New York alone spent.

If you fancy a blow for truth in the aging of the selection, check out these selections:

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