How Vitamin D Could Help Heart Failure

Heart failure is becoming increasingly common, but can be very difficult to manage. In this condition, the weakness of the heart muscles have difficulty pumping blood through the body effectively and efficiently. As a result, people can become short of breath, suffering from persistent cough that is unrelated to a lung infection or excessive swelling of your feet, ankles or legs. Very often fatigue that comes from inadequate oxygen reaching every part of the body interferes with the normal activities of a person.

managing heart failure:

People with heart failure often advised follow a diet with very little sodium . They are also said to avoid alcohol and caffeine and being physically active, even if they feel tired.

Drugs that may be prescribed may include an ACE inhibitor (which may cause coughing) or ARBs such as losartan or valsartan, along with a strong diuretic (water pill) such as furosemide. Keeping your blood pressure under control is an important part of the management of heart failure.

How vitamin D may help heart failure:

A small study in England found that vitamin D supplementation improves heart function in people with heart failure. 163 people with heart failure were given 4,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D3 or a placebo every day for a year.

The results were promising. The amount of blood the heart can pump was increased from 26% to 34% only people in the nutritional supplement. The hearts of people taking vitamin D were also a bit smaller, suggesting that they were working more efficiently. If this preliminary investigation is held, it could be an important therapeutic advance in the treatment of a frequent and serious heart condition.

If you have heart failure and want to try this, talk about it with your cardiologist. Although this dose of vitamin D is high, so it is not unreasonable, especially if it can improve the “ejection fraction”.

American College of Cardiology, Chicago on April 3, 2016

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