How Turmeric Heals Wounds and Bruises

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using the Curative and healing power of turmeric for bruises and Wound Care

A wound is an injury the skin is cut, damaged or broken.
A bleeding wound is dangerous because it leads to catching infections and blood loss, the first attempt should be to stop the flow of blood. This can be done by rubbing ice or elevation of the wound.
Quick action (QR) Powders as WoundsSeal come as a great relief to stop bleeding.

Like all the other problems there a home remedy amazing for healing wounds also how a spice common Turmeric heals wounds and bruises is simply amazing, usually you tend to overlook these simple things present in our home that we actually can help in the treatment of many common ailments.

Turmeric heals wounds and bruises

The turmeric “The Spice Gold” however is celebrated worldwide as a spice used in curries and stews, also has several medicinal properties. It has been used both in ancient Chinese traditional medicine and Indian Ayurveda for the treatment of a wide range of health problems and skin diseases.

Natural healing power of turmeric

[anti-inflammatory properties :. Relieves inflammation of the wound / cut and bruise
Antibacterial :. infection is avoided
Help stop bleeding
blood clot
promotes regeneration of new skin .

turmeric to heal cuts and wounds

How to use turmeric to heal cuts and wounds and bruises

Turmeric dust

Good quality and turmeric adulterated powder can be sprinkled directly on bruises and cuts after cleaning and drying pat to provide immediate relief.

To Profusely bleeding wounds

  • Trying to stop the bleeding by elevating the wound or applying light pressure

  • Now clean the wound / place around the wound with water and rub gently to remove dirt by using a cotton ball or a soft, clean cloth.

  • Make a paste by mixing turmeric with water and apply this paste on the wound.

  • The wrapped with a bandage.

Turmeric and alum wound

mixture of turmeric powder and alum powder in the ratio of 1: 4 will be present in bleeding wounds. This mixture will help stop the bleeding.

To facilitate the healing process and relieve pain: Grind the roots whole turmeric (dry) and alum together. Mix this mixture into the warm coconut oil to form a paste. Development (senkana) wound with this paste with the help clean muslin cloth.

can also make a bandage with this paste and tie into the wound. It is a good pain reliever.

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