How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home: 10 Natural Remedies for Sparkling Teeth

Whiten Your Teeth at Home

As we age, we must visit our dentist time and after checking teeth, but if you are afraid of doctors as I am, you can try to whiten your teeth at home.

Over time, teeth may disappear in color and one of the main reasons for this is usually due to lack of brushing them, or things to eat and drink daily. For example, that good cup of coffee you have to wake you up in the morning is actually one of the biggest culprits of stained teeth. However, there are some fantastic ways you can help restore natural shine white teeth, and the following home remedies have been proven to work.

So here is the list of natural remedies that can help whiten teeth by himself.

1. Apples and Together


Apples and strawberries not only contain vitamin C, which is needed for your body to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also have content acid. The acid content can really start to clean stains teeth to try to brush your teeth with these fruits to see how well they start to clear.

2. Treatment of neem and basil

A natural teeth whitener is basil leaf combined with neem, and what you can do with these two properties is to make your own pasta of teeth. The neem and basil not only whiten your teeth but also protect against gum disease.

3. Lemon

Lemons are part of citrus family and like apples containing the properties of vitamin C and bleaching who can work on your teeth to help shine. You can clean your teeth with lemons or just eat a lot of them in the course of each day and you should notice the passage of time their teeth become whiter.

4. Sodium Bicarbonate

Probably the most popular of all home remedies is the trick of baking soda, simply touch a little refreshment in the toothpaste and then brush your teeth . You will feel the grains begin to peel teeth as brushing teeth and was left with a smooth and glossy finish.

5. Sal

Who said salt is bad for you really is good when it comes to brushing teeth in the same way that baking soda is. Sal give your teeth a good wash and remove some of the lighter spots.

6. Turmeric

Most of us have some of this in your cupboard at home, and even dyed yellow things you will be amazed at what this does to the teeth. The use of turmeric actually make your teeth shine with brilliance.

7. Banyan roots

A disposable toothbrush can be made from a root fig; these contain properties to help whiten and protect your teeth and gums. If you have severe gum disease, however, you may want to visit a pediatric dentist as these roots only prevent, not cure.

8. Charcoal

may seem a bit unpleasant at first, but you can use wood and charcoal babul to rub on the teeth as an alternative to toothpaste all the days. This trick will bring a good gloss to teeth, but can not prove that great!

9. Aloe Vera

In addition to helping stop the decay Aloe Vera is best ingredient brightness of the teeth of the nature and form of gel, you can simply rub the formula on the teeth in order to achieve a white smile.

10. Olive oil

olive oil used in all types of cuisine and this particular remedy contains Vitamin E, which helps eliminate tartar, plaque and protects against cavities and The diseases.

So what do you think? Are you going to try any of these remedies to whiten your teeth at home?

Author Biography Bill Brown is the person who is health conscious. He likes to be healthy and fit so it is always kept updated on the latest medical health care for health care.

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