How to Use Ovulation Predictor Kits

Often, many women face problems in conception and pregnancy. To avoid this problem is very important for a woman to have knowledge about their most fertile days. Interestingly only four days in a month are the most fertile days during which the woman can easily conceive. These four days are on 12 after their menstrual cycle for 16 days.

is not easy to know about your ovulation period and therefore there are many of these kits that help you know the time of ovulation. Such kits is called ovulation prediction kit. A kit ovulation predictor consists sticks; which they are similar to that obtained in the pregnancy detection kits. predictor kits detect ovulation LH (luteinizing hormone) in the urine. If a considerable amount of LH then it means that your most fertile period is detected. The kits are of two types:

How to Use Ovulation Predictor Kits

kit based on urine

gives its results based on urine and LH level controls.

kit based on saliva

gives its results based on saliva and level controls estrogen.

How does a predictor ovulation kit

kit ovulation predictor consists of two types of a strip of midstream or a test strip. While a test strip has to be submerged within the urine contained in a box, the test strip midstream has to be placed in the flow of urine. You’ll also get a control band and a band of result that will have to be compared with each other to know the results. After the urine test has been made of the results on the strip appear within 5 to 10 seconds and then the color in the control band must be adapted to the band result. The darker the result on the control line is closer to your ovulation period.

When using kits ovulation predictor

prediction kits ovulation can used in the following cases:

  • If women have difficulty conceiving then you can use this kit to know about your ovulation period and then can have sex during the period of ovulation to easily conceive.
  • If the couple does not have enough to have sex because of the difficult tight and busy then they can use these kits to know about your most fertile days and can sex during time these days to easily conceive.
  • If you suspect that ovulation takes place or not, and does not want to see anyone else, then you can use these kits to know about it, because it keeps your privacy .

important things to remember:

The use of these kits prediction is not harmful and gives very accurate results however, you should consult a doctor if you are on drugs that contain high amount of LH (luteinizing hormone), because it affects test. Salivary tests are not as accurate as urinalysis and therefore can not be taken as the only result. Furthermore, urinalysis although are very accurate but are not infallible. Therefore, it is recommended that the doctor should be consulted to avoid any misunderstanding.

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