How to Use a Banana to Cure a Wart

How to cure a wart? Doctors can burn, freeze or cut them off, even though they often reappear. There is a huge variety of home remedies for warts, and most of them have several followers. A reader wrote to us about using banana peel on a wart.

banana peel to cure a wart:

P Do you have any experience with the use of banana peel to cure warts? I had a wart on my finger for months, maybe a year. It was painful and distort the nail.

I had tried several other remedies no luck at all. Out of curiosity and frustration I took a banana peel and the inner part of the wart rubbed, sometimes keeping it there for 10 minutes or so.

The wart went away in a week and has not returned. Any thoughts or explanations?

A. The first news about the use of the fleshy part of a banana peel as a treatment of warts, more than 17 years ago. The person suggested.

“Take a banana peel and cut a round piece the size of the wart Put the inside next to the wart and tape it on with surgical tape Change. this every day with a new piece of banana peel. It may take a week or more to see results. ”

Not long after we’ve heard from a parent:

“My son had a small wart on his left index finger. a small piece of banana peel only once a day before bedtime. was applied (Seven years old need to bend your fingers during the day.) Do not expect to see results as quickly as we did. “

Another story banana peel LF.

“A young boy in my school bus had at least ten large warts on the hands also had a few and occasionally discussed the methods he used as an attempt to eliminate them. One day I realized most of their warts had disappeared leaving only pale spots on your skin. when I asked what had used I could not believe banana skin was “.

How warts remedies work?

We do not have an explanation of why this approach might work, more than I can explain why other remedies wart seem useful. Applications include oil castor , iodine, cut the potato , rubbing alcohol, milkweed sap and vinegar soaks. We have received testimony in each of these solutions, as well as a number of others.

If you want to read more on home remedies for warts and other common ailments dozens, it is our book Quick and Drug practice home up your alley.

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