How to tighten vagina naturally at home – 14 tips

How to tighten the vagina naturally is always an uncomfortable and sometimes humiliating to ask questions.

There are many reasons for this, such as childbirth, menopause or even natural aging. You can follow some simple and effective ways which can tighten the vagina without having to take any kind of surgical treatments.

There are three useful forms for this purpose:

I. The way to tighten the vagina at home, naturally – exercise:

1. yoga exercises

How to tighten vagina

a simple advice on how to tighten the vagina at home is through exercise. It helps to have some yoga courses is taken. slow, gentle movements yoga help not only to strengthen the walls of the vagina, but also strengthen pelvic muscles and all body muscles. However, if you do not like the idea of ​​going out, then just do this simple exercise regularly at home. This exercise is very simple to implement and good for health . Here is how you will practice:

  • First, you have to lie on your back on the floor, then lift your legs up, one after another.
  • Keep your legs straight when you’re raising and lowering them. Remember not to bend the legs.
  • should do this exercise for 10 minutes, repeat at least 5 times a day for best benefits.

2. Kegel:

How to tighten vagina

Another way to get a super tight vagina is called “method Kegel “. This exercise internal pelvic muscles tighten. Just think of the time when he stops himself from the same urine while you’re actually urinating. Keep this exercise for 10 seconds and then relax 10 seconds also repeated several times in 5 minutes. It is supposed to do this exercise 4 times a day to get the necessary benefits. required positions:

  • sit in a chair or sit with legs stretched forward.
  • Lie on the floor, with your knees on a pillow, bend your knees.
  • Stand up, bend your knees.

Remember to urinate before taking this exercise. Only tighten the pelvic muscles do not tighten any other muscles . gentle breaths are important. Pregnant women can also do Kegel exercises.

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3. Basic Exercise Vagina Tightening:

How to tighten vagina

here are the simple steps that people will need to perform the basic exercise of how to tighten the vagina naturally at home:

  • Hold your breath for a few seconds and then collapse the muscles of the vagina and when not, release the exhale.
  • Do this 10 times a day.

can be done anywhere and anytime without being noticed.

Moreover, work squat is a good exercise to tighten the vagina. Stand with your feet and broad shoulders and keep your hips tucked in. Bend your knees and lower your body down slowly.

There are some vaginal exercises that are able to help in adjusting your vagina as cones or balls. Just insert into your vagina athletes and tighten the muscles around them. The heavier and smaller exercises you use, the stronger your muscles.

II. How to tighten the vagina naturally at home – Good Habits:

There are some good habits for a healthy vagina.

1. hygiene methods:

How to tighten vagina

Good advice on how to tighten the vagina naturally at home is to make use hygiene methods and keep them well in their daily schedule.

When you take a bath every day, you should be cleaned carefully. Use a soft cloth to wash and gently rub himself cleaner. Now, there are several cures available in the market such as herbal soap that is suitable for use when you are taking bath. Remember to choose the soap recommended for the treatment of loose vagina. herbal soap can be used without side effects. The use of herbal soap helps get exclusive benefits. Besides tighten loose vagina, the use of soap herbal is found to be effective in removing the odor from the vagina and excessive vaginal discharge problems and improve elasticity muscles.

Wash with hot water only. It seems to be easy to do, but not many people actually do this. The fact is that the vagina is kept fairly clean by itself without the aid of cleaning products. If washing the vagina with soap, make sure that warm water is used to wash thoroughly so that nothing is left behind. Soap remains within the vaginal area could lead to irritated skin.

2. Do not use chemical sprays:

How to tighten vagina

chemical sprays are supposed to make the vaginal area smell good, but actually they lead to opposite effects. chemical spray washed out all the beneficial bacteria that keep your vagina clean. The left chemicals can cause irritation. So avoid chemical creams, go for something free of chemicals and 100% natural. It’s easy to make your own body spray mixing a few drops of oil (like pink lavender oil …) with water. Use sprays after taking a shower and make sure your skin is dry before dressing.

Furthermore, it is important to have good hygiene during your period. You should also wipe from front to back instead of investing.

3. Remember to wear cotton underwear:

How to tighten vagina

cotton underwear can dry fast so will allow air flows freely. This prevents unhealthy bacteria that lead to infection. Try to wear light, loose fabrics that allow your vagina to “breathe” well.

4. When having sex, keep your legs closed to each other:

Here is a useful trick that can work on how well as useful advice to tighten the vagina naturally at home when you’re having sex :. Your legs should be kept closed to each other

5. herbal creams:

After the cleaning yourself, you can use some herbal creams that they can restore the elasticity of the vagina. It’s better if you ask for doctor’s advice in order to choose a product that best suits your skin. Consider trying to gel, water and lubricants to keep things moving smoothly. Gel is a good solution to loosen vaginas. time and causes no harm saves. Vitamin E is found to have good effects on your skin.

6. Make use of vitamin E:

How to tighten vagina

Vitamin E is one of the most important vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of various body organs. It is proposed for the treatment of many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure during pregnancy. However, many women do not know that vitamin E is a super moisturizer that can treat vaginal dryness effective and simple. Vitamin E also makes your stronger and healthier vaginal walls if applied correctly.

Follow these simple steps to apply vitamin E: First, check the outside of the capsule of vitamin E to ensure that there are no scratches or sharp areas. Of course you do not like the idea of ​​the vagina line when vitamin E capsules is inserted is also important to ensure that you do not have sharp claws that can cause scratches. Then, slowly insert the capsule into your vagina while lying down or standing. No need to break the capsule because the pH of the vagina naturally absorb oil from overtime. This is one of the most natural and effective for the treatment of vaginal problems and ways great advice on how to tighten the vagina at home, of course, that women should not look down.

7. Herbal Medicine:

There is another remedy to help you strengthen your vaginal muscles. Some medicinal herbs (which can only be found in the mountains) are useful. Boil some of the herbs in water and then apply them on their daily vagina until it works. The key is you have good quality medicinal herbs.

III. How to tighten the vagina at home, naturally – Healthy Diet

In addition, make sure you have a healthy diet. As you know, in order to keep the muscles in your body strong, you not only have training, you also need to feed properly.

1. The organic protein

How to tighten vagina

It is recommended to use a lot of organic protein (especially good for muscles), fruits and organic vegetables that have a strong vaginal muscle. Today, we tend to use a lot of fast food that contains a lot of carbohydrates, but lacks nutrients. So buy organic food the next time you go to market. A little advice: beef is proved to be a good muscle builder

2. Yogurt:.

You should eat a lot of yoghurts because supplies of yogurt good bacteria that your vagina needs to stay healthy. Eating yogurt every day is a good way to prevent and treat infections.

3. Fruits:

Also, lots of fruit like pineapple, strawberries … helps freshen the smell of liquid coming from the vagina. Fruits help develop a healthy vagina which is something that is concerned. Fruits also have a high water content leading to good body shape.

4. Garlic:

How to tighten vagina

A little thing you are advised to do is eat nder . Garlic is useful to treat and prevent infections due to yeast tool. Eat cooked or even raw garlic several times a week is a great tip that can help maintain healthy vaginal area. It should also be considered to help in removing odor in the vagina.

Having a healthy diet also keeps your body in shape. Gain or lose weight constantly and unexpectedly can cause your skin to stretch and also damage your vagina. In short, using the garlic is also an important piece of information on how to tighten the vagina naturally at home every woman should use!

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Today’s list covers 14 top tips on how to tighten the vagina at home naturally without requiring or encouraging any type of drug, pill, or medication. Therefore, if you are among women who are looking for natural ways to get your tight vagina back within a short time and safely, do not skip this article! If you see that this article is very useful for your own current situation and also for other people out there who know they are also dealing with the same concern, you can share this largely free list. Do not keep it for your own as a loss. One more thing, if you want to ask anything about the content of the article today or if you want any advice from me. – Author Lien Nguyen, feel free to leave your comments or assessments in the section below

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