How to Think Yourself Younger: Mindset and Age

Study # 1: You can think yourself younger: Mindset and age

Ellen Langer did a research study to demonstrate that the mentality and age have a direct correlation. In the study, wher team took 16 men between the ages of 76-81. They were taken to a retreat area that is recreated to look, sound and feel like 1959. Everything from cars, for movies, music, newspappers . Then it was divided into groups 2. One group was told to just remember and remember things from 1959. It was reported the other group to act as if it were 1959 … This group talked about current events, sports and music all as if it were 1959.

What happened? In a week the group acted as if 1959 was achieved biologically younger! Langer took biochemical measurements recorded every man and his vision improved, improved his memory, his posture changed, his arthritis was reduced while her fingers lengthened!

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that our minds are incredibly more powerful than we can imagine, and what they think of ourselves, matters.

Getting older means things start breaking?

The fundamental belief is that you have older means they begin to have problems, your body stops functioning, memory is lost, and can not also move. If you believe that, then it will happen. However, the opposite is entirely possible.

Did you know that your memory, strength and health can improve as you get older? If we continue to give our body the basics you need and avoid what breaks it down amazing results can happen.

Getting yourself younger think

The great news is, the number that rotate each year has little to do with anything. New research in neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetic show us how our mind controls our brain and our brain controls our body. These areas of science are showing that we also have no control over our services based on the environment that we give them through what we eat genes, and what we think.

The greatest for people to overcome to start seeing results hurdle is getting rid of false beliefs, and create new ones. As Bruce Lipton explains, “our beliefs control our biology.” So to change our body, we must change our thoughts about what is really possible.

More information changing beliefs here.

A few concepts grabs.

  1. Get rid of the belief that aging means “xyz” will happen.
  2. Get rid of the belief that you will not be able to lift, walking, climbing, moving both as you get older.
  3. Stop blaming the problems you are having right now of age.
  4. know that any issue that is can become normal again through diet, exercise, sleep, and a way of thinking rock star.

I love this article Chris Kresser entitled “how not to spend the last years of his life in a nursing home

Here are some concepts this article:

  1. Eat a cure anti-inflammatory diet
  2. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day.
  3. Move your body every strength train on a date or make an Interview exercise several times a week, walking every day.
  4. detox your thought life <- How
  5. challenge your brain in different ways by eating with the nondominant hand, taking a new way of working, play memory games.
  6. learn something new every day.
  7. Do activities that you like and be creative every day. Dancing, singing, writing, painting, reading, color
  8. Find your tribe and community meet with weekly.
  9. cleanse your body every year. (How to create a clean )

Regarding your brain and body go. . . if you do not use, you lose. The good news is, if you have ‘lost’ ie, memory, physical condition, etc., it is never too late to recover. Your brain has an infinite capacity for change, all the way to death. If you use your brain and body is maintained, it will keep improving!

Role Playing and priming

have also been studies that show how incredible priming ourselves with the words of the effects of our behavior.

For example, a study took a group of American women Asiain. They told half of women stereotyped words about women not being good at math, and told the other groups of stereotyped words about Asians being good at math.

The group was informed that Asians were good at math scored significantly higher score than the group who were told that women are not good at math.

To carry

What are you telling yourself? Are you telling yourself that you are smart, young, energetic, and healthy? Or do you find most of your internal dialogue about how bad you feel, how memory is being lost, and how your body is not like it used to be.

Be careful, your body is listening.

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