How to stop smelly and sweaty balls?

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perspiring and Stinkball is a problem that all men experience but nobody talks much about this blog will look at this restricted issue that gives the details about how to prevent sweaty testicles and smelly swamp crotch, the important fresh balls, which cause smelly and sweaty balls and the best products to keep your area cool and dry base on my experience and partners in Amazon groin.

wet smelly balls

I think the first time I realized that there was such a stinker crotch as sweaty was during my teenage years, when a friend of mine cut my hair and how he surrounded me could smell the bad odor coming from your area groin. I decided to go home take off her underwear to check myself and I there was a whiff of that mothball smell .The fact is unattended testicles stinks and this blog check out the question.

Why men should pay more attention to cleanliness, grooming and keeping your cool balls?

  • Women do not like Stinkball just ask your girl or some female cousins. Many of them tolerate the smell because they love you but basically want to clean up their act.
  • Your friends will smell and talk about that just do not know because of our brain called sensory adaptation that makes us aware of our own smells after a while.
  • is bad for your health to have a groin area and smelly that a sign that bacteria and fungi are piling up.
  • is simply disgusting in their name.
  • If the cool and dry balls that can lead to a terrible itch that is the result of bacteria and fungi growing this can lead to very bad eruptions are not maintained.
  • Girls would not go there even if they do will not stay long

What causes malodorous and groin balls?

A number of reasons lead to bad odor testicles. Scientifically her is caused by a bacterium that lives in the area not sweat. Perspiration is a salty liquid product leaving our pores without an odor of your job is to cool the skin. Secretes sweat through our hair follicles has a bacteria love sugar. As the bacteria consumes the sugar in our sweat energy for producing a bad smell in the form of a gas.
So here are some other causes of smelly pubic area.

  • wet balls (great place to fungi and bacteria to grow)
  • pubic area Hairy remember smelling hair hold long is just blow cigar smoke in his beard see how long it takes to get rid of the smell
  • tight underwear, especially those that are not made of cotton.
  • dirty underwear
  • profuse sweating or hyperhidrosis
  • not bathe regularly
  • Do not scrub balls

How to prevent sweating and Stinkball?

Follow this regiment and you are sure to solve this problem.

  • First shave clean your pubic area, the balls and the hair between the ass, yes between your butt this area has a lot of sweat and odor .
  • Take a scrub bath pubic area and balls with a loofah exfoliating cloth and a mild scented soap ( unscented glycerin soap)
    or bath wash sweet scented soaps avoid this can lead to a bad smell
    with in the hour after bathing. Scrub until the dead skin of balls has been contributing to its smell.
  • After the bath with a dry towel well but from my experience not completely dry our balls so I recommend hit with a fan or wait a few minutes for the air to be dry before putting on clothes.
  • Next add a product of balls to keep your scrotum dry most of them are made of talcum powder.
  • Please put in a low wear clean preferably made of cotton and recommend boxer brief.
  • bath twice at least twice a day and repeat steps 2 to 4.

Step 1 should be soon as you see new hair growth.
Note depends on how it smells musky make take two to three-quarters of bath following all steps to keep your scrotum with fresh smell.

What are the best products to keep fresh balls ?

balls Fresh Lotion The solution for men Fresh Balls Lotion The Solution for Men Amazon customers review of fresh ball fresh balls is self cream dry hygiene men to keep their balls and groin area cool, dry and clean. For those who are concerned about the application of talcum powder for there testicles this is the right product for you its free and talc-free aluminum. It is applied as a cream, but Dries quickly as in the more rub rub leaves a thicker layer to prevent balls of sweat, itching, chafing and unpleasant odors.
This product is like spring in the pants with all the mess of dust. I used powder in the past that can be a little uncomfortable become coalesce when you start to sweat, but this is not


  • His natural products, such as oatmeal and oil tea tree for bacteria
  • Its not leave a mess powder
  • does not contain aluminum or parabens that is friendly means that testosterone as some research shows that these products low testosterone levels.
  • pleasant fragrance very masculine scent


  • you can create the spot as the look of your under wear (make sure before dressing Seca)
  • is more expensive than the powder of talc for a tube of 5 oz

Amazon Review This product received 117 reviews 101 people give a list of 5 and 4 stars mean 86% of the reviewer likes the product.
All 5 stars customers found that the product is great and keeps them dry and cool all the best day dust from a client said he spent hours on a treadmill and the product did not come out although soaked in sweat. By Wyatt Robinson

I am a runner and I needed something that really worked. I had a horrible problem with chafing and this cured all my problems. I recommend fresh balls. The name says it all :)

4 star more customer found the great product, but some said it did not completely eliminate sweat and leaves a white residue in his testicles.

3 stars views different customers stated that goes dry, but does not keep them dry as bonds of gold dust you find .Also had an allergic reaction takes a long time to dry.

2 and 1 star customers talked about their balls looking white after use, he left his clothes interior with white spot and is not as good as gold dust bonds by Faisal S. “Fas” (New York, USA)

I was expecting a pleasant smell and better drying capacity. It has neither.

comfortable Men – # 1 intimate deodorant Men Comfy Boys - #1 Intimate Deodorant for Men Amazon customers review of comfy balls

I still use this product for about a year works well as fresh balls but with less white residue.
comfortable boys is a deodorant made for your genital area to prevent bad smells humidity, discomfort around the groin area and swamp crotch. This product is made with corn starch instead of talcum powder which includes an antiseptic for bacteria, deodorant and silica and titanium dioxide to soften the skin.

  • Less waste than fresh balls
  • not aluminum like many deodorants
  • really fresh smell
  • girls can go there without bad taste in the mouth is not

C ons

  • more expensive than fresh balls
  • pleasant aroma but not men

Amazon Review This product was reviewed by the buyer 41 35 selected 5 and 4 stars 5 stars customers they said the product is excellent happens in dry and leaves no residue and has a fresh scent. One woman said she does not have a chemical flavor when placed on her husband.

Denzil Cuddy (Easley, South Carolina United States) This is a great product! I’ve been using for a couple of weeks ago and do not know how I could live without it. It has a very light, clean smell. leaves no unpleasant residues clump. It also does not stain clothes. A must have for any individual.

4 stars customers like her, but it complains that the smell was not masculine, but smelled clean. One of the clients also indicated that more women go there and no complaints about the taste.
3 stars customers five in all stated that they do not like the chalky aspect in one’s nuts expected to be clear. By Louis Inks “Louis” (Oklahoma)

Well while working was good, but it should be clear if you do not want white residue. It lasted about 6 hours, but for me. It may be my body type?

The only 1 Star customer complained the residue on their nuts .

Dry sporting goods System Powder-Original

Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder Amazon customer review of Dry good athletic powder spray

is a powder spray dirty residue having a formula long life that keeps you dry for hours, prevents swamp crotch, and friction. The formula of menthol is sure to keep you cool. I used the spray for about 3 months it works excellent.


  • No residue or white patches inside unlike other products.
  • has a good cooling effect
  • work well along their rigorous exercise routines.
  • does not appear if you take a bath
  • long-term
  • does not burn for spray


  • $ 14.17 Cost bit expensive and not last as long as pastes and powders
  • does not smell great when it comes out of the can

Amazon Review This was reviewed by customers 46

31 give 4 and 5 stars that’s 68 %.
collaborators of 5 stars thinks it is a long lasting product a customer stated that a cyclist and runner riding at 88 degrees temperature in Florida and this phenomenal product prevents chafing and moisture. They like menthol is not too strong spray is easier to pass than lotions and powders.
By Steven Buhr

This material it is a long way between 2-7 miles a day at work. These things keeps me feeling great 10 hours of my day. I have no moisture or irritation, could not be happier.

customers 4 stars all they liked, but number said it ended quickly
3 stars customers likes the product a few said it was too little spray for the price, but it worked a few I do not like the feeling of striking tingling when the spray.

2 and 1 Star customers were complaining about the spray was too expensive for so little spray, a spray talcum expected and did not last long for abundant sweating. also said spray stops working after a few use.

By Maria Board Jayne

I really like the content of this possible and how it works. The reason for the review of two stars is that stopped working when the can is made of 1/3 to 1/2 of the can. I tried to clean the nozzle and pipe, but nothing I tried would work.

Conclusion and advice
Maintaining a fresh balls and prevention swamp groin it can be a simple task for some, while some men have to work hard to keep up, because excessive sweating, the work they do and where they live.
If you think that is not so bad and does not want to spend money is enough to keep the regiment up and use a loop gold dust.
I found that all products talcum work but be careful when having sex to wash off because it does not want entering your pussy girls.
If you are concern about the neatness of his groin area you should try not powder products.

The How to stop smelly and sweaty balls? appeared for the first time in health and welfare experiences .

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