How To Stop Hiccups, Sneezing And Tears


The human body is flawless, complex machine that functions in a certain way. Although there are some features that appear from time to time, we believe that we can control, there are some tricks with which we can stop sneezing, hiccups and tears.

Even if you are skeptical, try these tricks next time you come across some of these natural phenomena:

1. Stop hypo

Drink some water, while their ears are plug. If you can not stop hiccups, try the following trick: take your tongue and press the top. This technique stimulates nerves and mobilizes the diaphragm.

2. Detained tears

Lift your head up and detect breathing for a second, and then start breathing slowly. You can also try to press the bone of the nose with thumb and forefinger. This way you will be able to prevent the flow of tears in the tear duct.

3. Prevent sneezing

You can not control sneezing and sneezing several times in a row .. . All you have to do in order to prevent sneezing, is pushing the nose bone while marking the top of the oral cavity with your tongue.

4. Check the size of the pupils will

You can do this by using his thoughts. You can control the size of students depending on whether you are thinking of a dark or bright place. The same is true when you think of situations in which the body secretes adrenaline. Students naturally spread when you look at someone you like. This happens because of the sympathetic nervous system, which controls the spread of students.

5. How to unclog the nose

Press the top of the oral cavity with the tongue while pressing the point between the eyebrows with his index finger. Blowing your nose and keep breathing.

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