How to Start Reversing Any Autoimmune Condition in Weeks

Your doctor will probably insist on a disease-modifying drug is taken to stop the progression of damage if you have a chronic autoimmune condition. These drugs are often expensive and come with many side effects.


Here are the ten most prescribed drugs and their total sales during the period of one year (2013-2014), as well as information about what the drug is intended to try.

  1. Nexium, $ 6.3 billion, decreased stomach acid
  2. Crestor, $ 5.6 billion, reduces cholesterol
  3. Enbrel, $ 5.0 billion million, biological autoimmune
  4. Advair Diskus, $ 5.0 billion, asthma / autoimmune
  5. Sovaldi, $ 4.4 billion, hepatitis C antiviral
  6. Abilify, $ 7.2 billion, antipsychotic
  7. Humira, $ 6.3 billion, biological autoimmune
  8. Remicade, $ 4.3 billion, biological autoimmune
  9. Lantus SoloStar $ 3.8 billion, diabetes
  10. Neulasta, $ 3.6 billion, colony stimulating factor to help low white blood cell count after chemotherapy

These best-selling drugs are potent biological drugs autoimmunity try putting out a concrete step in the immune pathway. They are incredibly expensive, costing $ 45,000 to $ 100,000 a year.

drugs The real cost of

Part of what is accelerating the rising costs of premiums for health insurance for individuals and businesses, as well as the cost of long-term medications for Medicare and Medicaid patients is the high cost of medicines. If drug costs are borne by business, an individual, or government, society ultimately has to absorb these costs, creating more and more stress for all parties.

Apart from medicines hepatitis C, it is expected that patients need these drugs for the rest of their lives. These expensive drugs control symptoms fairly well, but only for a short time. In this paper, we examined how reducing symptoms lasted long autoimmune use of biological drugs in rheumatoid arthritis, remission was less than a year more than half of patients. 14% had a remission that lasts more than two years. These drugs do not cure the disease they are supposed to treat.

There are 75 million Americans with fatigue, mental confusion, pain and self antibodies. 25 million have enough damage that physicians can make a specific autoimmune diagnosis, often several at the same person.Physicians have been the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases in three hundred years, autoimmune disease rates have steadily increased. And more and more diseases are understood to be autoimmune in nature.

condition in which the body’s immune cells become confused and attack healthy parts and undamaged body, resulting in problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, or multiple sclerosis, depending on which cells are confused is autoimmunity. Most specialists are based on the use of immune suppression to stop these unnecessary attacks.

For this problem alone drugs only provide short-term treatment. The most effective route is to look at the cause of why autoimmunity develops and address that instead of relying on expensive drugs that suppress immune cells.

My experience with drugs

I should know. I have an autoimmune disease – secondary progressive multiple sclerosis -. Within the diagnosis three years put me in a wheelchair with tilt recline

I went to the Cleveland Clinic and saw the best specialists in multiple there sclerosis and the University of Iowa. I took the newer drugs, including biological drug Tysabri autoimmune. And during the seven years, I kept getting worse and worse.

I was getting worse, I started experimenting on me and began to study the basic science research. I discovered epigenetic research, lifestyle and diet can switch genes on and off. I learned more about meditation, exercise, electrical stimulation of the muscles, and much more about the microbiome and nutrition. I found the Institute of Functional Medicine and began taking courses in treating the cause of ill health.

In 2007 I was too weak to sit on a regular chair.With two sticks I could walk 20 yards slowly. I suffered from profound fatigue and mental confusion. Then I started program lifestyle and a diet designed specifically for the brain. In just three months, he had gone brain fog. So was fatigue. After six months in the new program of diet and lifestyle, I was walking easily without a cane and I did a bike ride of 18 miles with my family.

Regarding natural resources

My understanding of health and disease became. I have changed the way we practice medicine, now focuses on the use of diet and lifestyle to treat autoimmune, neurological and psychiatric with remarkable success. Conducted clinical trials testing my other protocol with progressive MS, with very positive results.

Our clinical style of therapeutic life treats people with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, diabetes, chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, mood, lupus, psoriasis, asthma, fatigue, mental confusion, disorder and memory loss with remarkable success.

What your doctors are not telling you is that reducing the symptoms of potent biologics is often temporary. These drugs are a big business, bringing in billions of dollars each year to insurance companies. However, these drugs do not reach the cause of why the immune cells attack the body of a person.

Changes in diet and lifestyle are often much more powerful than drugs to stop the progression of the disease and may even lead to regression of symptoms. A few weeks after making changes in your diet and lifestyle, our patients report improved memory, less pain and more energy. Are you willing to try these changes for a month to see what they can do for you?

For more information on the program of diet and lifestyle I used to recover from an autoimmune disease and now use in clinical trials and clinical therapeutic my style of life, visit If you want to dive deep into the protocol that I use, consider attending the Seminar Wahls Protocol a three-day seminar that takes place every August.



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