How to save electricity at home – 7 tips

The global warming, increasing C02 emissions and the environment pollution are the most important issues of humanity. The progressive depletion of energy resources on Earth makes many challenges for us all. The energy crisis is increasingly urgent that not only the threats of global economic growth, but also directly to international peace and security. fossil energy sources – a precious gift of human nature are exhausted. Energy is limited and people are generating increased demand for energy. If people do not have solutions to save energy and research for new energy, the energy crisis will occur.

Tips on how to save electricity at home – The best ways to save energy at home:

how to save electricity

energy is always a problem in the short and difficult for any country. Now, most of the energy is generated from natural resources. For example, electricity is generated from water , coal, oil, gas … So if people do not save energy, it will lead to the depletion of natural resources . How to use electricity efficiently is always a question that puts top priority of many homes as well as businesses and organizations.

Here are the numbers you should know to see the power using past month:

– If you turn off 21-inch TV / with a capacity of 220 W at 4 hours / day and off by remote control, energy consumption is 5,4kWh / month

-. If the air conditioning is turned off 12.000BTU 1 hour earlier than usual, saving 21kWh / month

. – If you enable / disable 5h / day 40W fan with a maximum speed, we will charge more about 2KWH / month when compared with the fan operates at the lowest level

. -. If an iron as 750kW 10h / week, the number of electricity you have to pay is 30kWh / month

used -. If you turn on the radio in 3 hours, which lost 1,35kWh / month

– using a computer with 17-inch 120W 20h / week, the number to pay is 9,5kWh / month

therefore, today we would like to share with readers some tips on how to save. electricity at home:

1. Selection of the device to save electricity

how to save electricity - selecting the device to save electricity

This is one of the most effective tips on how to save electricity at home that people should know to save your money .

Indeed, the choice of devices that can save electricity to extend the best is a very useful and also very simple for people to apply advice. It will not take long, just long as you follow a few rules.

People should not use electrical equipment age, because most of the new generations have the ability to save energy. By selecting the rotation of electrical equipment such as pumps, electric fans, washing machines … computers, you must select the engine speed or converters steps to save electricity. Bulbs, compact should be used instead of incandescent bulbs, because it takes 3 to 4 times the energy that compact.

2. Setting reasonable scientific and Electrical Equipment

how to save electricity - setting electrical equipment scientific and reasonable

This measure seems to be one of the best tips on how save electricity at home that people must know to protect the environment. This measure also contributes to energy saving . For example: The bombs placed at appropriate locations at home will help your tank filled faster. All the walls of the door should be painted with bright colors to make use of natural light to save some energy from light.

Proper use of electrical equipment can not only help save electricity, but also the protection of … Click to Tweet

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3. Refrigerator

how to save electricity - refrigerator

should be limited opening cupboards to help seize power. The temperature inside the refrigerator should be in mode 3 to 6 degrees C. With frozen regime are from 15 to 18 degree. Only colder than 10 degrees C is consuming 25% more power. In addition, the refrigerator must also be cleaned more often and the door must be closed. You should also regularly check rubber baskets, if opened, compressors of refrigeration compressors will have to work leading to energy consumption. The refrigerator should be placed away from the wall about 5 to 10 cm and away from heat sources. This method is very useful on how to save electricity in the home that the reader should study and practice. The refrigerator will consume a lot of electricity if you take the hotter than normal temperature food. Should arrange the food in the refrigerator clean and tidy and avoid too tight. The power supply must be connected all day because if the refrigerator is disconnected, time to reconnect and consume large amounts of electricity will be needed. Knowing how to use reasonably fridge is the best tips on how to save electricity at home.

4. The air conditioner and fan

how to save electricity - air conditioner and fan

You should let temperatures above 20 degrees C. clean the filter regularly save from 5 to 7% power. If you put the machine away from the wall 20 will save 25% energy. So you should turn off the air conditioner for 1 hour or more if you leave the room. Moreover, limiting the use of the fan is also ways to save energy at home. Attention should be paid to the area and structure of the room to fix the reasonable fan. According to scientists, the use of a ceiling fan save electricity use multiple smaller fans. However, if your home can not use ceiling fans, table fans can be complex. So you do not have to choose the engine structure, lightweight since the heater and the performance will be worse. In addition, energy consumption is also much more. Fan should be cleaned regularly. The fan is cleaned giving oil driveshaft and new grease in the fan gearbox and control of the rated voltage of the device if it is suitable for the mains voltage in your family or not … Remember to unplug the remote control fan after each use. Air conditioning and fan 2 appliances that can have a lot of energy and electricity so that should be used reasonably and find the best way how to save energy at home.

5. Computer

how to save electricity - computers

If computer monitors have higher brightness and color, energy consumption is older. So turn off your computer if you do not tend to use in 15 minutes. You must select the energy saving mode of the computer (Save screen) to protect both the machine and reduce nearly 55% of energy consumption during downtime. If you just use the sound from your computer as music , learning English, you can turn off the monitor if possible offline. When a laptop, which uses battery power to save energy instead of electricity used directly used. You should only open your computer when you need to work and use. completely removed when finished, because the “dream” is still consuming energy. This is one of the important tips that you can do with your computer on how to save electricity at home.

6. Irons

how to save electricity - irons

The first is that you should not use the iron in the room with air conditioning when the power shifted or wet clothes. After turning off the power, two sets of clothes is still probably iron because iron temperature is decreasing slowly. The type of iron with non-stick substances with power levels 1200w to 1000w is the most appropriate for this type of plates not only comfort but also help save energy consumption during ironing. Clean metal surfaces help iron irons are working more efficiently and limit the adhesive material iron . Set the right temperature for each type of fabric is also one of the best tips on how to save electricity at home that people should know. You can pick up a lot of clothes to take use of the heat of the iron.

7. Televisions

how to save electricity - televisions

should not leave the screen in bright ways to help save energy. Instead of using the remote control to turn off the TV, you must deactivate by pressing a button on the machine. Do not watch TV while connecting the video. So people always select the appropriate size TV for coverage area as large as for the power of television. The choice of suitable television plays an important role in how to save electricity in the home that all men and women should know.

Quick tips on how to save electricity at home when there is no need to use the devices

  • Make it a habit to turn off all electrical appliances do not need to use before leaving home as lights, fans, air conditioning, computers, …
  • Do not connect the battery charger for electronic devices such as laptops, phones all day because you will spend a significant part of power there.
  • Unplug appliances when there is no need to use as televisions, fans … This is the best ways to save energy at home effectively.

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The above article contains forms and simple and effective tips on how to save electricity in the home that can be learned and applied at home. They are very effective and can help you save considerable cost of electricity each month. Therefore, people who are trying to find practical solutions to save money on electricity consumption should make use of this article and the tips and tricks revealed inside as soon as possible for good.

Today’s list gathers 7 tips on how to save energy at home that people should read this article about and others around around this problem.

I hope that after reading the article about how to save energy at home, you will be able to start your electricity saving plan immediately at home. You should also spend time visiting our lifestyle page to learn how to solve some other problems in life. If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. I promise that I will reply as soon as possible.

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