How to Remove Warts Using Duct Tape!


Do not waste money on expensive products to remove warts when you can do Normal tape. Warts growing on the skin are caused by HPV virus, which is divided into 100 different species. Ordinary warts can be removed easily, believe it or not with an adhesive tape.

This is a verified method, but you should know that you will not succeed overnight. This viral disease can spread to other parts of the body, even transferred to another body. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate and can be used for that tape. The method is very simple and you just need to be persistent. Put a piece of tape over the wart and keep it there for 6 days. You can change the tape if necessary, but do not allow the wart to “breathe”. After 6 days immersed in water wart for ten minutes and rub with pumice.


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