How To Remove Kidney Stones Without Going To The Doctor – MUST READ!

If you! is experiencing severe abdominal pain that radiates to the low reporting blood or back in the urine, is likely to have kidney stones .

Urine has various residues dissolved therein. When there is too much junk in very little liquid crystals begin to form. When this happens, they will be removed in the body through the kidney.

If the glass becomes larger than usual due to excess sodium and calcium, instead of leaving the body, it shall be deposited in the kidney that later become stones.

improve kidney health with only half a cup of this drink

A half cup (4 ounces) of pure juice lemon per day or 32 ounces lemonade prepared to provide about the same amount of citric acid as well as drug therapy.

Simply dilute 2 ounces of lemon juice with 6 ounces of water and drink twice a day – once in the morning and one at night

stones deposited crystal will be emptied at any time during treatment

note .. always check with your doctor first about your specific health needs.

Source: Artikulo Kidney.Org HealthyLivingHouse

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