How To Regrow Your Lettuce So You Never Have To Pay For A Salad Again!

Benefits of lettuce

We know that lettuce is delicious and goes well in all combinations and with every meal. But, did you know that it is also very beneficial for health?

  • abounds in vitamins A and K. Vitamin K is essential for optimal health of the blood and bone while vitamin A plays a role in immune function, vision, reproduction and cell communication .
  • is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds essential and can even improve your cholesterol levels and solve the problems of insomnia.

The growth of this amazing herb at home will be fun and healthy, is there a better combination? And it’s pretty simple too!

Growing lettuce at home

Even if you do not know gardening, this will be very easy. All you need is a stump and some water.

  • Buying organic fresh lettuce and chop the leaves you will use for your salad. Leave a 1-2inch stem at the base of the head. Enjoy your salad first and then go to work!
  • Fill a jar with an inch of water and place the stem vertically. The base of the head should be in the water with the blades pointing toward the ceiling.
  • Leave it in a sunny place for 10-12 days. Add more water if necessary, as the days pass.
  • After 10-12 days you can harvest freshly grown leaves and make your own delicious salad.


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