How to Quit Smoking With Cream of Tartar

Want to quit smoking? cream of tartar intake is one of many natural methods to stop smoking .

cream of tartar (potassium hydrogen tartrate) is a fine white powder, a byproduct of the winemaking process as powder forms within the barrels of wine during fermentation.

consists mainly of potassium, so the intake of cream of tartar will help replace potassium levels in your body that are depleted due to nicotine smoking. increased levels of potassium in your body will also help strengthen your cardiovascular system.

How to Quit Smoking with cream of tartar

The most effective way to take the cream of tartar is mixed with orange juice. Cream of tartar apparently helps flush out the nicotine in your system while orange juice instead of vitamin C. Vitamin C will strengthen your immune system to help manage the effects the natural process of detoxification.

1. Add half a teaspoon of cream of tartar in a 8-ounce glass of orange juice. (You can add a few drops of warm water to the cream of tartar powder before adding orange juice to help dissolve the powder).

2. Drink before bedtime. It started before bedtime so that your body has all night to do their work in peace and depth.

The cream of tartar will help flush out the nicotine in your system and significantly reduce their nicotine cravings as you continue treatment.

treatment can last between 7 and 21 days depending on the amount of nicotine that previously smoked on a daily


. Note: Buy cream of tartar in its most natural form. organic or natural cream of tartar will be the healthiest to help quit smoking options.

Buy organic orange juice that is not made from concentrate. concentrated orange juice or orange juice processed will not contain the amount of nutrients your body needs during the process of natural detoxification

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