How to Protect Your Kid’s Teeth on the Cheap

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Buying products for dental care can be a big hassle . You go to the store, we look at the island and you see dozens, if not hundreds of products to choose from. Each has bright and shiny labels on why they are the best and how you need them for your teeth.

Y is a bunch of lies.

You can keep your teeth your child completes 100% healthy for only $ 20 per year. Then let’s take a look at the break.

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Before entering the breakdown of prices, add this note. Often your dentist will give free products whenever you go for a checkup. It is quite common that you get a free tooth brush, free tissue and a small packet of toothpaste. ¡Use this! And if you have several children, ask for more! Dentists can get these items for very cheap and more often than not will be happy to help your children keep their teeth clean. This alone can completely eliminate the cost of toothbrushes and floss often times.


Toothpaste itself is a nightmare to look through. There are different versions whitening, cavities, gum health, bad breath, oral health in general … the list goes on and on. The basic idea is fluoride. That’s. No crazy amounts of money spent on some super special formula. That really does not make much more. If your dentist recommends any special, definitely take their recommendation. Otherwise, just get a toothpaste based fluorine and be done with it.

The main thing to look for with toothpaste is the price per ounce. The lower the value, the better the price. Next we have the cheapest rate we could find online. Please note that these prices do not include shipping or taxes

Recommendation :. Objective of the cavity protection toothpaste

By far cheaper paste teeth we found is the objective of protecting the cavity toothpaste Target. This option is 14.5 cents per ounce, which is much cheaper than any other pasta we found. In addition, the following are cheaper options were the two whitening toothpastes that children should not be using. Abrasive do more harm than good to your teeth. Objective sticks with a Cavity Protection can keep your teeth clean as a whistle. As a side note, the size tube of toothpaste Protection Objective of the cavity is slightly smaller (6 oz) so you probably need three or four for a full year.



Today there are plenty of options crazy brush teeth. You can easily spend $ 200 an electric toothbrush that has supersonic technology, timers on the device, 8 dining replaceable brush head. Etc. What happens is that we have been using manual toothbrushes for a long time and still work quite well. Yes, clinical studies show that electric toothbrushes make clean better, but that does not mean you can not have healthy teeth without them. The largest part of the health of the teeth is brushing twice a day for two minutes each. No matter what the toothbrush you have, if you do and use a toothpaste based fluoride, the teeth will be healthy

Tip :. Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush Medium

The cheapest option that met for a package of extra toothbrush was the package Clean Environment Colgate Toothbrush at Amazon. Note that you have to replace your toothbrush every three months or so. This pack includes four toothbrushes, so all you need package for each family member. These toothbrushes come in 65 cents a brush.


Floss is a bit more complicated to understand as they come at the price per yard. According to the recommendations of general dentistry, you should use about 10 cm of dental floss (about 4 inches) for its use. This means you get about 9 per yard silks. Generally, dentists recommend to floss once a day, so you will need about 41 yards of floss per year.

As you look at the choices of silk, you will find a number of selections of silk. These are really convenient, but are much more expensive and quite terrible for the environment (which are all individually made from plastic and are single use). If you are trying to keep the price down, much more money you’ll save by going with standard string floss. Yes, very expensive options that best teeth cleaned, but the idea here is the same as toothbrushes :. Seda chain works well for cleaning teeth

Hint: Equate waxed dental floss

thread the cheapest we found was waxed floss Equate at Walmart. This package of 120 yards of dental floss is only 1.2 cents per yard. 9 applications per yard, out to about 0.13 cents per use. That’s pretty darn cheap. Also, note that 120 yards is much more than you need for one year. This single package of dental floss will easily last for two years if you are using it responsibly.

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The higher cost of their oral care routine, no doubt, will be a mouthwash. When we find the numbers, mouthwash came out to about $ 25 per year, even in its cheaper. Everything else combined is only $ 20, so you can cut a lot of your budget if you do not get any.

Generally speaking, the mouthwash is very useful for oral health. Skip altogether is not recommended, but you can come up with better options on the cheap. The first is to simply use salt water. Just clean up an old bottle of ketchup and fill it with water. Add about a half teaspoon of salt per cup of water (8 ounces). Be sure to shake up each morning before use to get everything blended well.

By Jeffery Williams for Moms healthy Magazine

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