How to Prevent Foot Cramps with Lavender Oil

Some people are impervious to cramps the toes or punish the curved arch of the foot. But many more suffer from these muscle spasms. They can occur at any time, but foot cramps are especially damaging when they occur at night while a person is trying to relax in bed. A reader found an ingenious solution.

Beyond soap foot bed Cramps:

P You have written about the prevention of soap leg cramps. I have used with success soap in bed for more than a year with good results (not perfect).

then moved cramps calves to the ankles and feet. Soap does not help much.


Several weeks on the idea that a strong smell help, started rubbing lavender oil around my ankles. No more foot cramps!

What lavender oil can do for Cramps:

A. His story has sent us on a quest to see if there is any research on lavender oil treating cramps. We found a study Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research (May 2012) showing that when lavender oil was applied (plus sage and marjoram) topically, that relieves menstrual cramps. This was a randomized, double-blind, involving 48 subjects. The anti-cramp effect was significant.

Menstrual cramps are clearly very different from foot cramps, but the effect can be general. Another study used soap scented oil to ease the pain of fibromyalgia ( Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare September 8, 2008 ). Perhaps the essential oils in the scent of soap are able to relax the muscles are cramping.

Persons wishing other tactics to prevent or dissipate foot cramps may be interested in our Guide to Leg Pain . It has a number of alternative suggestions that may be useful.

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