How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon: 5 Key Tips from an Experienced Farmer

Did you know that you can actually determine knew a ‘good’ He watermelon its shell? A farmer with experience offers five great tricks of the trade of how to spot the perfect watermelon:

1) Size

Size matters, it is true, but many people believe that the larger the fruit, the better the taste. The reality is that medium-sized watermelons are the best.

2) Gender Watermelon

watermelons The ‘child’, for example, are more watery, while the “girl” are sweeter. In order to recognize them, you should know that the child watermelons are more elongated and higher, while opposites are stronger and more round.

3) Spot field

All watermelons have this kind of spots, but the color of the stain of the best is creamy yellow or orange-yellow . Try to find one with a golden point on the ground.

4) Tail

The tail of this fruit shows maturity, so in order to obtain watermelon with the best taste, always buy one dry one. A green line means that the fruit has been picked too early, so its flavor will not be the best for you.

5) Tissue

The tape of a watermelon shows the number of times bees play flower. Therefore, the signs of pollination, the sweeter the fruit flavor is.

How to choose a good watermelon and how to cut

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