How to Overcome Hepatitis C

If you think you have hepatitis C, it is essential that you get to a doctor early. When detected in its early stages, the disease may have relatively minor effects on the body and can be treated effectively. However, there is a lot of misinformation about Hepatitis C out there, so you have to prepare a plan to address the realities of the disease. Image titled Overcome Hepatitis C Step 1

  1. go to the doctor or clinic. You need to see a doctor credited for it. You can see your own doctor or seek any information regarding medical / health centers in your district if you do not want your doctor “family” to be aware of their tests or results. hepatitis C test is carried in the blood and must be tested specifically for; it will not appear in a non-specific screen blood, such as hemoglobin count test or blood sugar. [1] Image titled Overcome Hepatitis C Step 2
  2. Get other tests. A positive diagnosis of hepatitis C is not the end of the test. It will also be the test of genotype and liver function. Other tests may also be performed to determine the amount of virus HVC is in your blood. [2]
    • There are six different types of hepatitis C and some respond differently to treatments and thus determine the genotype can help the doctor decide on the best course of treatment. [3]
    • After the blood test, you may have to do a liver biopsy to determine the extent of liver damage. [4]

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  3. change track. Your medical identity is private and there are strict laws, doctors and medical personnel must comply with respect to confidentiality, so the results should be transmitted to you in person, rather than over the phone. So be sure to schedule and attend a follow up appointment to get the results and discuss them with your doctor. [5]

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  4. Ask questions. Take this opportunity to ask all the questions about your condition as you can. Find out what to do about your options and alternatives for the treatment or management of their organizations and support status. Usually, to find a group in your area or online that supports patients of their condition and their friends and families. Leverage resources if you feel that will help. You can ask 😕 [6]
    • How much of the HVC virus is in my blood [7]
    • Do I have any other virus, such as the hepatitis B, which affects my liver? [8]
    • What are my treatment options? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? [9]
    • virus treatment or need to disappear by itself? [10]
    • Can I spread the HVC virus? What should I do to avoid this? [11]
    • Do I have to return for follow-up visits? If so, how often? [12]
    • Arm yourself with information about your condition, but it should not become obsessive or read everything written by all- especially on the Internet. Facts and figures and forums will not help cure or control your condition, but good information might. [13]

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  5. maintain contact with your chosen health professional. find a doctor who you feel comfortable talking to about your condition. It will make a big difference in the way you see your own role in managing their condition or finding a cure. [14] If you do not feel comfortable with your current doctor, then start looking for a new one.

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