How to Manufacture the Best Night of Sleep in Your Life

Mark Sisson Mark the Apple Daily:

Ah, the dream is there anything like it? So easily discarded and discounted when night attractions present themselves and yet so deeply missed and pined after the next morning. You’ve heard me say it enough, so I’ll keep it short. The dream of a good night is the basis for a healthy, happy and productive life. Good sleep keeps us slim and think clearly. And sleep well, regular, just go through life in a dispersed cloud, all fog, a bit confusing, and less pleasant. We are not really ourselves if we have not slept. desperately we need a good night sleep every night.

So how do you get one? What would a day of promoting optimal sleep it?
Let’s start from the beginning. Let’s start with the morning.

Early in the morning

Use an alarm clock dawn simulator. These are alarms with lamps that illuminate slowly and gradually as their approaches to animation time. It is not the same as having the beam majestic sunrise in your room and soul, but these devices have been shown to improve sleep quality. Another advantage: The Awakening will not be so jarring

When he wakes up, gets up.. Do not hit nap, sleep for five minutes, hit it again, sleep five more, and keep doing that until you can love yourself up and stumble out to start the day. You may think that is effectively chipping away at sleep debt with those little bits and pieces of “rest” but actually right fragmenting his dream ( PDF ), which leads to the “deterioration related to sleepiness diurnally” infusions of caffeine in the afternoon mandatory, and less productivity. If the alarm today, which will probably end up sleeping enough to have to play again tomorrow is pressed.

Rising, exposed to bright light. Ideally, this is the sun. If it’s still dark outside, you can use the brightest artificial light has. 10,000 lux lamps are the best (and indeed are used to effectively treat seasonal affective disorder), but anything is better than no light at all. Our bodies, brains, and biological clocks expect bright light during the day, and meeting those expectations has been shown to improve sleep (as well as alertness and productivity during the day), even if the light is artificial.

Before “day” begins, some kind of physical activity you get. Go for a short walk (great way to get some light, too!) With the dog, do light stretching or routine movement for five minutes, have sex, dance to your playlist in the morning, while prepares for work, roughhouse with your kids, swing a light weight for a few minutes, check your email on the treadmill, ride a bike around the block, whatever. You not even have to get sweaty or anything if you do not want. Just move a little. There some tests (though uneven) that morning activity can improve sleep later that night.

brew your coffee, tea, drinks or legal now if you’ll have any today contains stimulants. Caffeine has a half-life of up to six hours , so must American after lunch could disturb your sleep tonight.

If you eat breakfast, eat a good portion of the animals. Meat (and not just turkey) is a good source of the amino acid tryptophan , and the breakfasts high tryptophan has been demonstrated to improve sleep quality. Meat, eggs, and whey protein, anyone?

If you do not usually eat breakfast, you probably do not need to start. intermittent fasting can also improve sleep. If your dream is suffering, you might want to try the breakfast meat, however.


Work hard, be proactive and stay focused. Get as much work done as you can before noon will take the mental burden with the rest of your day, allowing you to relax a little. Procrastination will only make you stressed, and stress is the enemy of good sleep.

While working, take a minute to F.lux install on your computer . F.lux is a free program that changes the color spectrum of your computer automatically according to time of day. When it is dark outside a F.lux enabled device emits very little blue light cause sleep disorders.

Last call for caffeine. If you have to go for a coffee, take a good cup of green tea to go with it; green tea contains L-theanine, which can partially counteract sleep disorders caused by caffeine .


Sometime after lunch, meditate for twenty minutes. Several studies have shown that the practice of meditation can improve sleep, including cyclic meditation (a kind of fusion of yoga-meditation) and mindfulness meditation . Even there evidence that meditation can reduce the amount of sleep you need to function .

When and if you take a nap, do so closer to noon than your bedtime. A nap taken too close to the night can interfere with your sleep.

Go for a barefoot walk on the grass, dirt, sand, or the natural surface of your choice. Even a brisk walk on the lawn outside the office work. Despite the grounding is controversial, proponents may be overstating its benefits, and studies that connect to a better sleep may not be the best designed, which you do not feel better and more relaxed after letting the grass leaves trace their way between the toes, feeling the cold damp earth beneath, or tromping an unstable uneven path through soft white sand? Certainly, nothing is lost.


If you plan to drink, do it at this time. Alcohol too near the bed – even just a couple of glasses of wine – can affect sleep. You’ll sleep, but it will be poor quality of sleep plagued frequent disturbances . This validates both happy hour and day of consumption, in a way.

Eat most carbohydrates at dinner. A recent study showed that eating carbohydrates, even high glycemic index, the last meal shorten sleep onset. In other words, the packaging of your carbs at dinner can help you fall sleep faster.

Eating animal fat and / or olive oil for dinner (and lunch and breakfast). Both animal fat, such as lard or beef fat and olive oil (or macadamia nuts, for that matter) are excellent sources of oleic acid, a precursor of inducing oleamide sleep .

Dim the lights when night falls. If it is dark outside, your body needs to begin to decline, and excessive artificial lighting in the way of that.

Off screens an hour or two before bedtime. smart phones, laptops, computers, televisions, tablets – all of them emit light blue altering melatonin directly in our eyes staring, transfixed. Failure to comply with the entertainment factor, play board games. Heck, start a night game board and invite people.

Use goggles blue lock in the dark. These, along with the F.lux previously installed, must block harmful blue light when needed (or “need”) to use electronics. I like this pair, while this pair fits over glasses.


Drink some bone broth, eat some gelatin, or take glycine. All those things do not contain or are glycine, an amino acid with sleep-promoting effects .

Clear your mind. Meditation can work here, again, or you can make a list of tasks for the next day so you do not lie awake obsession above all.

Rub your body down with oi magnesium l or lotion. I go for the softer, as under the arms or along the rib cage areas. If pica, you know it’s working. Bono is given (or, at least) dreams really fresh, very alive. Some people are paradoxical respondents who actually sleeps worse in these things, just so you’re aware.

Read some dense fiction in bed, in the form of actual physical book (nothing against electronic books at any time, but they represent a source of light that can disturb sleep). Not read things easily digestible like an old spy novel by John Le Carré. Instead, go for something like Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy has long paragraph phrases analysis. Great book, but you’ll be asleep in no time.

Delete, delete or conceal any light source in your room, even the tiny flickering. black-over windows blinds, tape over their flashing lights and towels under the doors can be justified to achieve true darkness.

Use white / brown or nature sounds before bedtime noise. Falling rain is a good sound asleep, and the somewhat disturbing but strangely beautiful whale songs .

Guided meditation can help sleep. Search iTunes for “guided meditation” and a lot of podcasts will open. Just put on your blue glasses lock before using the phone to play one.

Take a tablespoon of honey, preferably raw, just before bedtime. Seth Roberts has shown through rigorous self-experimentation way it could very well improve sleep, perhaps maintaining full liver glycogen.

Middle of the Night

Improve your target and reduce its dependence on the lights. If you get up at night to urinate, not turn all the lights as the passes. Most people can get used to the dark, if left.

Do not check your email just because you woke up. It is not as important (if it were, they would call), and everything you read is only going to keep the reader. In addition, the blue light!

General Council

Be sure to eat enough salt throughout the day, since a depletion of body sodium can trigger symptoms of overtraining-like, increase blood pressure, and impair the quality of your sleep . I will not give an absolute number, because it will be different depending on the size, activity level, stress, and many other factors. salt just until bread tastes good. This in terms of total avoidance of salt, huh?

Exercise regularly. exercise regularly report sleeping better than people who do not exercise at all, even in the same number of hours. In people with sleep disorders such as insomnia, exercise can make matters worse in the short term or have no effect at all . The development of once, probably will not help at once. Is in the long term (4 months) than exercise can improve sleep quality in patients with insomnia . Exercise also increases the quality of sleep in patients with sleep apnea .

The evening exercise is generally good. Obtain whenever he can fit. However, very intense and exciting glycolytic work an hour before bedtime (such as Crossfit or HIIT) could affect your sleep onset, simply because their cortisol rises momentarily . appropriate fresh downs should help get everything back to the baseline, if the food and a cold shower.

Align your life with your schedule chronotype. This is not possible for everyone to do perfectly – we all have to pay the bills, and that often means working on someone else’s schedule -. But even small steps in the general direction of our genetic chronotype can help

Obviously, not everyone has to do or try all the suggestions here. Just combing through research and put everything on the table so you could pick and choose and experiment to see what works and what does not. We are all different.

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