How to Make Your Own Safe, Easy, and Highly Effective Antiperspirant Deodorant

Highly Effective

be in close proximity with others motivates most people want an effective deodorant to control underarm odors. Beyond smell, most of us would like to minimize the flow of underarm perspiration. As a result, commercial antiperspirants deodorant products are very popular and almost universally used by Americans. However, among people who are advocates of natural health, there is concern.

antiperspirants based ingredients used aluminum to close the ducts for circulating the sweat, as aluminum chloride, aluminum zirconium glycine tricholorohydrex, chlorohydate aluminum or aluminum hydroxybromide. Aluminum is controversial, however, largely due to the studies that have been implicated in the development of Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer and fetal neurological impairment. Mainstream medical experts discussed the link , but many alternative health-conscious people prefer to avoid any exposure to aluminum.

A blog popular health Easy Peasy Organic, offers an easy recipe for an antiperspirant deodorant promises author will control both the odor and perspiration:

Weather required: 5 minutes

ingredients needed:
2 small jars
small brush to apply

for the cream:
1/4 c extra virgin coconut oil
2 vitamin E capsules
5 drops of tea tree oil

01.02 sodium bicarbonate c
corn starch 01.02 c
5 drops of tea tree oil
2 dried bay leaves (optional)

the process:
1. Mix all the ingredients of the cream, making a hole in vitamin capsules E and squeeze the contents. Put in a small jar.
2. Put all dry ingredients right into the small jar and shake to mix.

It’s that simple. To use, put a small portion of the cream into each armpit, then dust with dust. To do this, before dressing because it is a bit messy.

Once activated, this concoction will not leave marks on clothes, do not have much perfume, and most importantly – it works all day, or more

How does it work? The ingredient has both antibacterial and antifungal properties, and absorb moisture. The cream helps the dust stick to the skin. Dust is also a great shoe deodorant.

commercial organic deodorants cost a lot, often $ 9 for a roll of product. The use of organic coconut oil refined, the cost of all the above ingredients was $ 2.15. This amount is enough for 2 people for at least a month.

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