How to Make Refreshing Alkaline Water That Will Improve Your Health

This is a situation that happened to me many years ago, 17 I think. At that particular time, I was starting to read about nutrition and healthy eating and during that time I was eating mostly healthy foods.

The truth was that he was obsessed with sugar and processed foods when suddenly I felt the pain in the stomach. It was indeed a very strange pain and suddenly there was a strange taste in the mouth. It was like a kind of acid from the stomach up and down. Was very afraid, so I went to the doctor. The strange thing was that my doctor said everything is perfectly fine with me and my organs. Besides I knew there was something wrong, but just could not understand it.

I read something. I read about people who are recovering themselves with water. After reading this I started to consume 2-3l one day and I started to feel better.

Water helped me remove toxins from my system and helped my metabolism. Now I present alkaline water.

One wonders what is alkaline water, right?

Well actually is normal but with a higher rating of pH water. By adding some ingredients that will be alkaline or acidic. If you drink, you will get your body back to normal and you balance it. If you want to know all about this type of water, follow the article below.

began to drink, but do not know the benefits yet? – There is always who adds that lead in one of several investigations more. This serves as evidence to confirm all the benefits of drinking water. If you ever doubted here it is what I found. If you need more proof read this study and alkalizing.

Here is the method for preparing 3 recipes of the best alkaline water at home

  1. Add lemon water – fill the bottle with 1 ½ l. clean water, lemon cut into pieces and put them in the bottle. Do not squeeze the juice out of it and soak for 10 hours.
  2. Baking soda and water – 8-ounce glass of clean water plus 1/8 tablespoons baking soda. Stir until clear.
  3. Cucumber – half a cucumber slice in circles and cut into cubes an organic lemon. Put them in a 1 ½ clean water and leave it overnight.

If you already have your own recipe alkaline water share with me. Share these and recipes to your friends.

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