How To Make Reetha Shampoo At Home

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This homemade shampoo made Reetha, Amla and Shikakai is very common in India, and almost every family has its own way of using these super ingredients to clean and conditioning hair. This tradition of making natural shampoo with soap nuts (reetha), pods Shikakai and amla pieces transmitted from ancient times and also practiced in modern era. Apart from being used in home and herbal recipes, these three ingredients are also used in different formulations in a variety of products for hair care floating in the market, do not forget Amla or Amalaki is a part of “Triphala” a combination ayurvedic three fruits that have several vital to the health and beauty benefits. There are plenty of products prepared with these three fruits and each fruit has its own characteristic that makes your beneficial for hair growth application, brightness, and overall hair health.

how to make reetha shampoo

The base ingredients to make Reetha shampoo at home


Reetha in Hindi aka Soapnut it is known for its excellent cleaning properties and is used even for cleaning clothing that makes it a good choice for adults and children who are allergic to detergents based chemicals. A single application of soap berries is cleaning the jewelry, but the most popular use is to make hair care products.

soap nut shampoo

Benefits Reetha hair

is an excellent cleaner

shine to the hair is given

Provides softness to coarse hair

that helps get rid of unpleasant dandruff


Shikakai is an herb that is known as “fruit for hair” their hair restorative properties has been recognized since ancient times and still remains one of the most favorite hair health herbal remedy. Mild pH has therefore gently cleanses hair without stripping natural oils of the hair. Shikakai contains saponins which are natural foaming agents, this is where shikakai derives its cleansing properties. Shikakai also used in combination with Reetha and Amla which makes its even better as a natural shampoo, but their works well on its own too.

shikakai dried for hair

Benetits Shikakai Hair

low pH value helps retain the natural oil

is a of -entrampadora natural

that cleans and conditions hair


Amla or Indian Goosberry is considered a wonder berry because of its huge medicinal and healing properties. I can go on and on writing about this amazing fruit that is a powerhouse of vitamin C and is packed with antioxidants. It called amalaki in Sanskrit and is one of the ingredients in the other two Triphala be haritaki and bibhitaki. His is also the main ingredients of the popular “Chyavanprash” ayurvedic preparation, which is also an excellent natural tonic eye according to Ayurveda. Speaking of hair is very beneficial for strengthening and darkening hair.

Amla in shampoo

Benefits of Amla Hair

hair growth is promoted

Prevents premature graying of hair

helps in controlling hair loss naturally

hair darkens

is a tonic natural hair for hair health in general

steps to Reetha Amla Shikakai Shampoo

This cleaner DIY hair has all the qualities you would like to your own shampoo, this shampoo cleans, conditions, stimulates hair growth, manages frizz and give your hair a bright volume. All it takes is a little time and effort than your store bought shampoo will.

This recipe is equivalent to a hair spa, which provides all the nutrients that a good hair spa treatment imparts to the hair. The recipe I have taken here to share with you is the recipe for my mother, this is a regime that my mother used to go all the time when I married. She had this old wok iron compounds in which all ingredients in dry form were soaked overnight and used the next morning to shampoo hair.

The recipe is completely free of chemicals and following ingredients


Reetha / Ritha / Aritha (Soapnuts) drying: 7-8

Shikakai drying: 3-4 pods

Amla powder. 2 teaspoons

How do

to make your shampoo at home you need to start preparing the night before , once you’ve fixed all the necessary ingredients that are good to go.

Step 1: Soak Shikakai Ritha and water in a utensil iron if available, otherwise use any bowl you have. Soak overnight soaking water infused with the goodness of both the fruits and that are soft and easy to use next morning.

Step 2: The next morning add amla powder to the water and sit for another half hour

.. Step 3: crack open the Ritha and Shikakai and discard the seeds

How to apply

Step 1: Wet hair

Step 2: take the fruits hands and rub until foam begins to form


. Step 3: Apply the foam to the hair and scalp and massage gently as you would while washing your hair with regular shampoo

Step 4: Rinse

Step 5 :. Repeat step 3 to again

Step 6: Wash your hair thoroughly, also remove all pieces of soap nuts and Shikakai your hair

that’s all! You are done!

no conditioner is not required after homemade shampoo as this Shikaki prevent tangling hair, leaving it soft and manageable.

You will be amazed at how shiny and silky hair has become, your hair will be clean, soft and very healthy after application of a few weeks.

Precautions while using this shampoo:

Make sure the shampoo does not enter into his eyes as both Ritha and Shikakai have compounds that can irritate the eyes and it can cause severe redness and itching eyes.

This natural shampoo with the combined goodness of all three main ingredients used undoubtedly hair growth, prevent hair loss, prevent hair graying, keep the scalp and hair from drying out leaving so bright, shiny and dandruff free.

Where to buy the ingredients?

You can fall in your herb shop or nearest to get these ingredients ayurvedic, if you have trouble locating one has only to enter Amazon and can be ordered from there.

Give this homemade shampoo is an opportunity and returning to share their experiences in the comments.

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Reetha (soap nuts)
Amla dried

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