How to Lose Arm Fat – Get Rid of It Naturally: Best Home Remedies

arms fat can ruin your self-confidence . You’ve been working hard to lose weight, you have done your squats, he went to run and calories are counted, but when the time to put on a tank top or dress arrives, embarrassed. You feel like all the work you’ve done is for nothing because the most visible part of your body is not perfect.

First, it has to be perfect and you should not worry about it any more than necessary. It affects men and women, regardless of their calorie intake and amount of exercise they do. Some bodies simply have a tendency to accumulate fat in this area. Like others always have a few extra inches at the waist or hips.

The good news is, however, that with proper exercise and proper diet can get those good arms, toned your dreams in just two months.

The causes of arm fat

Fat accumulates in areas of the body that are not stimulated enough. It is no coincidence that swimmers have developed arms and back better than for example runners. Target muscles with training and regular work they get the results they want. People who do cardio exercises, only general, can achieve great results in terms of weight loss, but may still have problems with the accumulated fat in problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips and – obviously – arms . When we lose weight, we shed pounds of whole body, but not all areas at the same speed.

Some people will realize that lose inches faster than the hips waist, but the person working right next to them in the gym may notice a reverse order. It’s all very individual. The fact is that the arms are probably one of the last areas where stored fat is lost. And if you wonder why, you can find the answer simply by observing the training routines of his fellow gym-goers. Unless you work with a group of bodybuilders, are likely to see more than one hundred women – and some men -. Do not do any exercises that target your arms, or that they limit the minimum

There is a misconception that exercises aimed at arms make them look muscular and virile. It may be that, if you use heavy weights, but if you do the exercises described below, that will shape their arms to perfection, without worrying about the appearance of Popeye.

How to Lose Arm Fat – Exercises

If you want to burn fat fast in arms, it is necessary to point exercises. If you like team sports, the best options are tennis, squash, volleyball and basketball. You can also go swimming or sign up for yoga or Zumba, as they all help you work out all your muscles. If you prefer to exercise at home, then we give a list of the most effective ways to burn fat fast arm.

Weight lifting

This exercise helps burn fat accumulated in the triceps -. The bottom of the arms, commonly called “bingo wings You need a chair and a weight (maximum 1.5 kg) or a bottle of water (preferably the size of a liter). Support the right knee and left hand on the seat of the chair. Lean forward, but to keep the spine straight. Take a weight or a water bottle in his right hand and pull it in a vertical direction. your right hand should be level with your belly and right elbow should be bent, above the level of the back. Bring the weight back down to that his right arm is straight. Repeat 15 times and switch sides. Do three sets of tricep exercises for each arm.


This exercise works the triceps, biceps and pectoral muscles which it is very important for men who want to have well sculpted breast and for women who want to keep their perky breasts. After all, they are supported by muscles. Lie on the floor, face down. Keep your feet together and place your hands on the floor, inches from his body. Straighten elbows and lift the weight of your body. Keep in this position for three seconds and go back down, but do not rest your body on the floor. Try to stay one or two inches above it. Repeat at least ten times.

might be difficult for a beginner to make this amount of pushups, depending on the force of arms, but if you do it regularly, you will be able to do much more than that and you will be flashing his arms toned in no time.


If push-ups seem to be too difficult for you, you can try the plank – a great exercise to burn fat arms and strengthen your abdominal area, chest and back . Lie on your stomach, rest your feet on the toes and keep them together. Bend the right elbow and keep himself on the right forearm. Now do the same with the left. The elbows should be bent at 90 degrees and spine and legs must be on one line. Hold for at least 30 seconds. Lie down and rest for 10 seconds, then repeat the plate for 30 seconds.

If you can keep going longer, it does. It’s a good idea to write down how many seconds could be maintained for at first. You will see that after two weeks of regular exercise, your arms will get much stronger and you will be able to hold the plank position three fifty-seven longer time.

pushups and Plank Mix

If you want to take the plate to the next level after some time, you can move from the position with arms bent to straighten an elbow, then the other and to support the weight of your body on your arms straight with the spine and legs still remain straight. Does not contain any of the positions, just go up and down, from supporting himself on his forearms, to place the weight on your hands. Repeat 10 times, take a break and do another 10 repetitions. For best results, do this exercise at least 5 times a week.


If you have only a few minutes, for example, during lunch time and want to use them to accelerate the processes of burning fat in the arms, which can make the scissors. Stand straight and put your legs slightly apart. Put your two arms to the front to form a 90 degree angle with the trunk. Move your arms straight outward and bring them back to the front, crossing them at the height of the wrists. Repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times, take a break of 10 seconds and do another 15 to 20 repetitions. This exercise, as simple as it might seem, can help a lot when you want to burn fat in the arms. For best results do the scissors with two small dumbbells or water bottles. Make sure they are the same weight, however.

How to lose arm fat – Treatments

Aside from doing the exercises described above, you can think of some treatments that will speed up the process fat loss in the arms. The more disciplined you will be with the treatments and exercises and more often with each other are complementary, the sooner you will be able to flash, toned arms sexy in her sleeveless blouse.


When an exfoliant on the skin, which not only removes dead skin cells and stimulate the skin to regenerate, but also improve blood circulation in the treated area applies. Faster blood circulation means a faster metabolism, which helps achieve weight loss results faster. It applies to all the problem areas of your body and you can get great results in the arms, thighs, buttocks and abdominal area. You can buy either a scrub or prepare oneself from the ingredients you have at home. One of the most effective home-based exfoliants is coffee.

used coffee usually ends up in the trash if you do not know what a surprising aesthetic that can make it. Put aside ¼ cup of coffee used and mixed with 4 tablespoons warm – not hot – olive oil. They can add a few drops of cinnamon oil for best results. Mix the ingredients and apply the exfoliating home in the arms. Massaging the skin with circular motions. Do not make it too hard, as it may irritate the skin. Put less pressure than when rubbed on the body cream. Once the whole is well covered with coffee and olive oil scrub, leave for 15 to 20 minutes. You should get a warm feeling on the skin, demonstrating how effectively this scrub stimulates circulation of blood.


You can improve blood circulation in the arms to massage the area regularly. You can do it yourself or you can get a professional treatment. Giving a massage arm is relatively foolproof, unlike, for example, back massage. Even someone who is not the best it can massage the arms without the risk of causing injury. It’s a different story, of course, if you have had an injury to the arm or shoulder and in that case, you should only let a professional do this kind of treatment. Apply some lotion or body oil on the skin and massage, starting with circular movements. Each massage session should last at least 5 to 10 minutes on each arm and repeat it every day to see quick results.

Sculpting Lotion

If you’ve ever used a good lotion to sculpt thighs, buttocks or abdominal area, they know what they can bring great results. The trick is, however, to know what kind of ingredients to look for. If you choose a simple lotion, moisturizing body, it can still give you some results, as long as you are rubbing into force, in order to stimulate blood circulation. For a lotion that will really help you sign your arms, choose the one that contains ate least two of the following ingredients: alpha hydroxy acids, caffeine, vitamin E, green tea or hyaluronic acid. Note that the lotion will not only burn fat and help you get a tighter firmer skin over the treated area. the exercises for fat loss is well complemented arms, but without them, it will not achieve the desired results.

Laser treatment

flabby, saggy skin on the arms adds to the unattractive appearance if his arms are a problem area where fat tends to accumulate. It can improve how the skin of the arms is by getting a laser treatment collagen skin tightens and stimulates regeneration. The results are not instantaneous as collagen restores over 4 to 10 weeks after treatment. However, good results, visible once the period of “recovery” is over. The treatment is painless, but can be expensive and sometimes there is a need to undergo three or four sessions before seeing the expected results. The good news is that they remain visible between one to four years, depending on your diet and lifestyle.

How to lose arm fat – Diet

following the right diet is the best way to lose fat from all areas, including their arms. If you’ve been on a diet for a couple of weeks and have noticed changes everywhere except arms, it means that it is necessary to continue the diet, since it is probably the last area to react to changes in the nutrition. Here are some diet tricks you can try if you want to lose fat fast arms.

Calories – Number vs Type

Many people believe that if all are counted and each of calories they eat and reduce the daily intake of 1,000 kcal per day, they will definitely lose weight. While it is true in the first two or three weeks of the diet, later, the body gets used to the amount of energy obtained from food and stops burning fat. Instead, certain processes, which can make you fell tired, sleepy or irritated slows down. That is why it is much more important to see the type of calories you eat rather than focusing solely on their number.

The same amount of calories from fat a piece of meat or a pile of fruit or vegetables are metabolized differently. A person who eats two pounds of vegetables a day will lose weight faster than a person eat three donuts and nothing else, you also calorie intake could be the same in both cases. Eat more vegetables, lean meat and some fruits and reducing the intake of refined sugars and fatty foods. You will notice better results, even if you do not count calories at all.

The precise time

What we eat is as important as when we eat, if we want the body to burn fat. Try eating most carbohydrates a day in the morning, with the last of them are eating for lunch. After lunch adhere to proteins and avoid sugars. This applies to fruits, too, since they are highly beneficial and necessary but they contain a lot of sugar and you have to give your body time to break before going to sleep. Otherwise, sugars not get burned the same day and are available in the form of stored fat, usually in the more problematic. Some of the best settings for lunch after lunch are vegetables, eggs, fish, lentils, ham and meat.

drink plenty of water

Each nutritionist will tell you and you certainly know well, but can not be stressed enough. You have to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, if you want to lose weight. When your body is well hydrated, digestive tract works best, toxins are removed from your body more efficiently and obviously look better because it has a softer skin healthy. Put a water bottle in a place where you work or spend most of the time and enjoy it every time you look at the bottle. Do not wait until you’re thirsty. Also, half an hour before each drink a glass of water food. This will reduce the feeling of hunger and you will feel full much faster.

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