How To Identify Genetically Modified Food In The Shops And Markets

The truth is that there is no strict formula that will give the correct answer to differentiate GM and non-GM foods. However, there are some effective to help identify the correct simple ways. Just keep these things in mind will help you and your long term health.

Judging by appearance, then GM foods will be more attractive. In the supermarket, which will be the roundest, brightest, juicier looking for, fruits and vegetables more attractive.


However, nature always finds its way. Of course, since none of us are exactly the same, or food can be exactly the same. Namely, try to aim for foods that do not seem perfect. vegetables and fruit real show many different signs that will let you know they are alive.

For example, you can Thump a tomato that looks too perfect and if it grabs a little more likely is not GMO. Even not being without defects in appearance, these non-GM foods will be much healthier, and will be so delicious.

Another important tip is to avoid supermarkets whenever possible. To ensure that your purchase completely free of GMOs vegetables or fruits, try to buy from farmers who grow their own food. These local merchants also let you choose fruits and vegetables for itself, which again are not perfectly looking for.

Moreover, if you should buy at the store, however, always avoid costly packaging look pretty and collect containers in a simple way. Normally GMO food makes more profits and can afford the flashy packaging to attract a customer.

Therefore, always keep your eyes open for things in stores that buy and remember that GM food is quite cheap, but it will be expensive packaging and looks more attractive.

Moreover, when you find things that are not in season in stores you buy from almost all year, please note that the product is imported or being developed in nurseries, therefore, it is likely to be made from GMOs.

Always bear in mind that you should report on GMOs not come from the US, because the laws are different in these issues in other countries. You will quickly find out whether things you can get in or from these countries and whether or not they are genetically modified by gathering information from the press and on the Internet.


The following countries to be responsible for important products OMG :. Argentina, United States, India, Brazil, China

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