How to Grasshopper……….
There may be more harmony in the ecosystem older compared with ecosystems more young boys. And any alteration of the ecosystem will push species to adapt again and make a new harmony. Species diversity is quite high on Earth because, compared with the diversity that had actually existed on Mars. Earth has plate tectonics dynamic, creating new mountains and therefore a new crust new ecosystem. The age of the Earth that can be in billions had plenty of time to produce the countless species today because younger planets have low species diversity. larger planets also have large variations in climates compared to smaller, along with the intense volcanic activity creates new destruction leading species to adapt again when someone else die out. The new peak of asteroid impact affects the appearance of the Earth creating new alternation in kind. But all species come from the same source. In the future there will be more variety of species.

A lifetime in the physical universe can vary from seconds in a century, this depends on the way our bodies remained. Death is not the failure in the physical body is the body itself, but the body of the person is an important tool that sustain consciousness in the physical world and help awareness through life experience. Survival is any action that protects the entire body. Any form of life will work until your body so destroyed by any means. Consciousness experiences pleasure in the event that your body needs are met; which it is definitely a good food that gives pleasure to the whole body. Varies according to the physical constitution (nice change of food from a buffalo to his human), good feel that provides the pleasure of our bodies, any perception abroad that offer a good reaction from our body. Any form of life will endeavor to find the best pleasure to serve your body in order to keep experienced feelings. In other words, any life will head to happiness.
We are dealing consciences physical shells to see the physical world to suit you. Any feeling is related to the scope of the physical world that is low in intensity because the less complicated spiritual feelings more intense and more real and eternal (timeless: Time exists only within the physical dimension) The physical sensation that may or While the pain or pleasure varies according to the quality of spiritual development. The more the spirit develops, less physical feelings they feel the least pain could feel pleasure and physical least can feel. This is exactly what Jesus told Satan when he said that man is not likely to live by bread alone, but by every word in the mouth of God. “God” referred to in the biblical tradition can be the source of the spiritual with the physical. The spirit can be compared to the interior of a planet and God is the inner core so that when it rises or higher through the mantle that reaches the physical (lithosphere), which just a cover.

The physical world is comparable to the skin. Not the real truth truth about something. The truth about something is inside the interior. When spiritual attributes are developed, time has an impact not do and also the individual may suffer trusted time, through space anytime they want. Do not forget that the spiritual is the source and physics can be created. The planet Earth is one point that the spiritual is simply not advanced, occurs within a cult of matter. People who have not known spiritual capacities. They are led inside the conquest of matter as a way to get physical pleasure. Usually, people reap the sources of life of others in order to excess supply requirements. Can contact them rich, resources can be found through any means (war, theft, luck …) or through work. A good guarantee someone enough money to sustain his life. Those who get the resources they get rich, and those that get harvested in their poor resources. Even Jesus taught that people should not be concerned about the way we eat and how will dress but we must be concerned about what they can get rid of the spirit. He said life is related to food and is comparable to clothing. Once it breaks the spirit can not dwell further that led to another reality.

The individual is a tool that will support the spirit once this tool breaks the spirit is no longer a part of the physical dimension and can not interact with it anymore. The process is painless death however, the physical pain that resulted in the death becomes just a mere memory. As the spirit leaves the whole body is no longer an injured victim of the physical body. The body appears dead people with physical, although the deceased will not feel any attachment over their shell is damaged. The deceased is likely to be driven to a reality without pain. The way in which the deceased person will understand this new reality will depend on their level of development. But usually the spirit can not make physics. The spirit led to another dimension can not be seen, heard or experienced those still in the physical interior. What we call death is a birth.

Will the process of leaving physics as a way to become whole, our true self. Our body was just a shell. The purpose of life inside physical world is usually to mature spiritually. While the cocoon can survive the spirit will possess experience desired. When a form is broken suddenly, the immature spirit could possibly have another experience later in a new hardware, some may refer to it reincarnation. When a person dies he realizes that his whole life was nothing but a dream and now is much more alive and more aware than previously ever in life and my husband also realizes that he has made the transition to reality.

The new entity that people can call the spirit is usually a duplicate of the entire body at the time these matrices. The spirit is not comparable in appearance to your body. The physical universe was created from the image in the creator, therefore, we can find many similar analogies in the creator because things are his. Death is comparable in a caterpillar that is living its cocoon after dwell time. Once, a brand new entity emerges, the cocoon breaks. The butterfly is much more alive and has new capabilities that then Eve, able to fly around. Death is comparable to a small alligator in the egg; after the development of the times, it is time that the egg is broken, and also the alligator born in a reality that never seen before. The egg that had been sustaining the crocodile is not useful and can start decompose.Death is comparable to some small grasshoppers that lives its exoskeleton, the real identity was with grasshopper grasshopper himself and never the exoskeleton.

Death is no more than the first. People who have died (both atheists and religious) RecCount were not dead whenever be announced clinically dead, however, they were alive and more aware compared with what they had a lot of people in your life. They could get an accurate and detailed description of the hospital room and the conversations and expressions doctors.

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