How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with an Herbal Remedy

As people learn about the possible negative aspects of using sleeping pills for a long time, many are looking for a better, safer way to get a good night’s sleep. People with severe, long-standing insomnia need to try a variety of tactics, but there are some approaches that can be quite useful. Some herbs are worth a try.

valerian to sleep well at night?

P changed me Benadryl to valerian root several years ago. It is relaxing and provides a good night’s sleep. Does this herb has anticholinergic activity as the ingredient in Benadryl or similar drugs?

A. So we can say, valerian root has no anticholinergic. Should be less likely to cause a hangover tomorrow, cognitive impairment or other problems diphenhydramine, the ingredient in Benadryl and most sleep aids PM. Recent research shows that a dose of 1,600 mg of valerian does not interfere with driving skills in a simulator ( Accident, Analysis and Prevention July 2016 ). That is not the case with most sleeping pills over the counter containing diphenhydramine.

Valerian helps combat insomnia:

There are data to support better sleep with valerian root taken at night ( Based on the evidence Complementary Medicine alternative online, june 30, 2014 ). Adding hops extract of valerian seems to work better than valerian extract ( Phytotherapy Research September 2007 ). More information about valerian, hops and other drugs not recently reviewed approaches to overcoming insomnia in our Guide to get a good night sleep . It can be downloaded for $ 3.99 to of www.People .

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