How to eliminate blackheads naturally: causes, prevention, home remedies to treat the condition once and for all

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Blackheads are small bumps that appear on your skin. It occurs when hormones lead to increased sebum production, that is, an oily substance. Blackheads can also appear on the neck, chest, arms and back. It is caused by dead skin cells and bacteria and affects the pores of the skin in which the material is expelled through the follicles and is visible in the nose and fatty areas.

Causes of blackheads

Blackheads can be caused due to a number of factors. Some of the factors have been listed below:

  • Oily skin is one of the main factors of pimples.
  • Hormonal changes can trigger blackheads
  • Excessive use of cosmetics.
  • Sometimes, stress, anxiety and various health conditions such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), PMS (premenstrual syndrome) can cause blackheads.
  • Formation of dead cells.
  • Certain medications can also trigger blackheads
  • Higher humidity and excessive sweating.
  • Shaving can cause skin irritation.

Symptoms of blackheads

  • Pimples are flatter than pimples and have a high texture. One can easily identify blackheads by the small black mark on the skin.
  • Blackheads do not hurt and appear on the surface of our skin and are usually found in areas where there are sebaceous glands.
  • Blackheads commonly form on the side of our nose and can also be found in the ears, arms and chest.

Home remedies for blackheads

  1. Sodium bicarbonate

Apply a paste of baking soda and water on the affected area and rub it on your skin. Since baking soda acts as an excellent scrub, it helps eliminate blackheads.

  1. Tea tree oil

Mix tea tree oil with coconut oil and apply the mixture in the area prone to the pimple for 3-4 times a day, as they help lighten the dark lesions on our skin. It also helps kill bacteria.

  1. Lemon

Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and helps keep the skin hydrated and also eliminates all dead cells. It also helps us tighten pores. Applying lemon juice and honey for 15-20 minutes in the prone area of ​​the heads can work wonders.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric has antibacterial properties and, therefore, helps clean the pores of our skin. Applying a paste of turmeric powder and water on blackheads once a day can help mitigate the effects of blackheads.

  1. Tomato

Tomatoes have antibacterial properties and help eliminate blackheads. In addition to the antibacterial properties, tomatoes are also excellent scrubs. Apply a paste of tomato and lemon juice on the skin for 15-20 minutes to remove blackheads.

Blackheads treatment:

  • Avoid collecting or bursting your blackheads, as this can cause scars.
  • Do not try to shave your skin or use sharp objects to remove blackheads, as this can cause injury.
  • Do not use too many strong cosmetics on the skin to remove blackheads, as they cause skin irritation.
  • Washing your face every day is allowed to avoid blackheads.
  • Keep your skin free of oil and moisturize it regularly.
  • Avoid excessive sweating and wear loose clothing, as they may not cause excessive sweating.
  • Always take off your makeup before bedtime.
  • Avoid excess dairy products and fast foods.
  • Avoid over-cleaning your skin, as that can result in dry skin.

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