How To Easily Remove Moles And Warts With Hydrogen Peroxide (And Stop Them From Coming Back) !

In this article we present the best way you can easily get rid of labels, warts and moles, and the best part is that you can do that naturally.

moles and warts are signals that your body needs to clean

Our body is working on the principle of reflexology, which it means that each organ is related to many other organs and some specific areas of our foot may have a strong connection with kidney or heart.

On the other hand, face and eyes may symbolize the true state of our inner health. As you can see, your whole body is a reflection of its own internal health.


We should also mention that we have a line extending through the body’s meridians that connect several different organs. For example, each our hand has three meridians.

You can always use the meridian table if you find a wart on a hand area in order to determine whether any other disturbed organ such as the lungs. Lung disorders (and other organs) can cause warts. Due to the fact that the health problems of the skin typically stem from an imbalance between our internal organs, we can begin to pay attention to relevant internal organs.

Listen to the warning signs and cleanse your body

Whenever you notice a mole or a wart on the skin, it is necessary to identify internal organs related. However, one of the organs that have to be cleaned before the colon is, because this is the place where trash accumulates and puts pressure on other organs such as the liver, kidneys, and even the lungs. Colon cleansing will be very useful for us.

simple steps to BEAUTIFUL “unblemished” PIEL DE ORO

In order to remove a mole or skin tag, all you have to do is use one cottol tip to get 35% hydrogen peroxide food grade (H2O2) and then apply the cotton tags and moles. Carrying out this method on a regular basis and you get rid of skin tag or more in only 3 days.

The hydrogen peroxide releases by white blood cells to kill viruses and bad bacteria.

In order to prevent skin problems appear first, it is necessary to apply the H2O2 to external parties, and to clean the internal parts.

Use both baking soda and vodka in order to rub your body when you have small white sign or spots on the skin surface. On the other hand, you get out in the sun and make this become a routine. You may need to coconut oil because oil is a protection against sunlight.

IT YOU DO NOT EAT, think about putting on your skin

The best way to prevent skin damage is to avoid putting the ingredients on the skin that do not I put in your mouth. Any product that is bought and put anywhere on your skin should definitely be made of ingredients that can be eaten. Why you should nurture your external environment is because it will keep its internal environment and health course. You should be aware of the fact that everything we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream so that health is equal to the outside and vice versa inner health.

As you can see, simply clean the colon as soon as possible, and although it takes some time and some intense levels of cleanliness, all harmful toxins disappear resulting in the healthy organism . Just remember to keep everything moving!

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