How to Ease the Pain of a Jellyfish Sting

There are many home remedies for a jellyfish sting, but medical authorities are skeptical about most of them . Often, there has been little or no research on the effectiveness of a remedy. Some folk remedies may even worsen the pain ( Marine Drugs July 8, 2016 ). A reader was lucky his remedy worked so well.

lemon juice for a jellyfish sting:

P On the beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, I was standing in hot water with my snorkel looking under water, when a clear jellyfish joined my forearm and pricked me. I shook my arm wildly, screamed and ran back to my husband sitting under our palapa on the beach.

A young man ran and local levels on that to put lemon juice on it. We limes with us to put in our food, so we grabbed a lime cut and pressed on a jellyfish sting. The pain went away immediately! I was so glad I had a fair remedy in our carrier Insulated Lunch!

Vinegar as first aid:

A. Thanks for sharing this first trick help of a jellyfish sting in Mexico. We have heard that sometimes suggest lifeguards vinegar as an antidote for this kind of bites.

P Lifeguards in Daytona Beach use a remedy for bites Man-O-War you should know. Spray white vinegar, scraping bites the edge of a credit card to get the barbs out, then run hot water over the area. That is the treatment 1-2-3.

A. Thank you for sharing this approach. Despite the urine in a sting is a common home remedy for jellyfish stings, which does not work. vinegar and / or hot water are preferred.

Because lemon juice is acidic, which may be acting on the same principle as vinegar.

Both the American Red Cross and American Heart Association suggests that jellyfish stings should be washed with vinegar for at least 30 seconds. This inactivates the poison species Olindias sambaquiensis and Physalia physalis (Portuguese warship) – ( Circulation November 2, 2010, Suppl. 3 ).

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