In the summer, most people take to the beach and Adventage the sun, trying to get as dark as possible.

To do this you must take a number of precautions to avoid dehydration and burns, drink plenty of fluids (preferably water) and putting high sunscreen every 2 hours.

dermatologists recommend that the sunscreen is at least 30 to avoid sunburn, skin blemishes and diseases.

However, it still may suffer quite annoying minor burns caused by the sun.

how to relieve SUNBURN

If you have burned and you need to relieve the affected area should take a shower water cold and apply almond oil.

is recommended to always use the Aloe Vera as an alternative, as it helps to regenerate skin and itching stops. To apply on the skin can cut a piece of the plant and make vertical or horizontal cut to achieve the creamy interior.

This is an effective home remedy; repeat the procedure for several days until the burn is gone.

During those days the sun is not taken in the affected area and, if necessary, apply an additional layer of protection to prevent sun rays penetrate directly. Remember to protect yourself at all times!


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