How to Ease Joint Pain Without Suffering Constipation

relieve joint pain due to arthritis has been a concern for so long that there are dozens, if not hundreds of home remedies to take care of the problem. As with the response to drugs to relieve pain, individuals vary greatly in relieving they may experience. Furthermore, side effects can also cause problems very different from person to person. You can learn more about folk remedies for joint pain in our Alternatives Guide for arthritis.

One of the remedies we hear about quite often is “purple pectin” Pectin plant Certo dissolved in Concord grape juice. Many (although, as noted, not all) readers find it helps relieve joint pain. Some people report suffering from constipation, though.

Pectin and Constipation:

P grape juice and Certo remedy I read in your column has contributed to lower cholesterol. I’ve found that help with my arthritis and would like to continue taking it.

Unfortunately, I seem to be suffering from constipation. Have you had this complaint before? Is there anything I can do to correct this?

A. Certo is plant pectin helps home canners get their jams and jellies proper consistency. Pectin has been used to counteract loose stools. The original formula Resource diarrhea Kaopectate containing both pectin and kaolin, a type of aluminum silicate clay. (No longer contains any of the ingredients, but instead contains bismuth subsalicylate.)

Presumably pectin was contributing to the antidiarrheal effect. Taken to the extreme, this could lead to constipation. Most medical research published in pectin, however, sees its role as dietary fiber in the fight against constipation ( Advances in Food Science and Nutrition , 1985 ) .

Certo in grape juice for joint pain:

The first news about using Certo in grape juice for joint pain in 1998, but the remedy is undoubtedly much older.

Some other readers report that they suffer from constipation just like you. Here is a brief report:

“I tried this remedy arthritis for a few days and stopped because things south began to slow down.”

What to do to avoid suffering constipation?

To counter this, we might suggest that you try hot “hot lemonade” -Water with lemon juice in it, preferably in the morning. A magnesium supplement may also be useful, although you may have to experiment to find the right dose. Do not exceed 300 mg at one time or you may experience diarrhea.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the Certo and grape juice for arthritis prescription can find a video demonstrating their preparation .

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