How to Detect Fake Honey (It’s Everywhere), Use This Simple Trick!

People generally buy honey at the grocery store or market closest, believing that it is organic. However, we find the most frequently fake honey in the market shelves, so in order not to buy the fake, you need to learn how to detect the difference between them. You will learn to distinguish between organic and false honey if you perform these simple tests and learn the characteristics of each.

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The fake honey filtered and reducing its quality. It lacks the important ingredients in order of their geographical origin not be traced by examining pollen. Vaughn Bryant, professor, says that about 75 percent of the honey sold on the market does not contain pollen. Artificial honey contains a large amount of additives, dextrose, sugar and corn syrup, molasses, and many other flavors. This is an indicator of the fact that many types of honey which are considered pure organic and, in fact, contain corn syrup. Some producers even go a step further :. In order to increase your profits, add sawdust, flour, chalk soil or sand in order to make it thicker


Therefore, if we want to ensure quality honey, follow these steps and do these simple tests:

1. Pay attention to the physical properties of honey

false pure honey and very different and here is the list of distinctions Foremost among the two:

the fake honey:

  • foaming
  • lumps and has a texture rough
  • easily drips and runny
  • have a sour smell or no smell at all
  • that can be easily separated into layers

The Pure (Organic) Honey:

  • does not foam by any means
  • has a smooth texture
  • is thick and trickles
  • has the aroma of honey
  • can not be separated into layers

2. Make a trick with a match

Due to the fact that honey is flammable, which can help you easily find the fake one. all you need to do is dip a match in honey then until light. If it ignites easily, is a pure, if not, then it is a fake honey.

3. Make a test with thumb

Take a little honey and put it on your thumb. If spilled around, then it is false, but if it remains intact, then the honey is pure and real.

4. Make the water test

Take a glass of water and put 1 tablespoon honey in it. If honey is dissolved in water, which is false. If it falls at the bottom of the cup, then the honey is pure.

5. Make the method of apple cider vinegar

add 2 or 3 drops of apple cider vinegar in honey and stir a bit. If foam, honey is false.

Once you’ve tried some of these tricks, never again be deceived into buying honey. You will be able to detect the difference between real and fake easily. It is very important to learn this because of their well-being.

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brands honey tested positive for ultrafiltration (fake honey)

These are false honey – no pollen

  • Archer Farms Orange Blossom honey
  • US Election clover honey
  • [

  • Archer Farms Organic classic honey
  • Busy Bee, Clover pure honey
  • Busy Bee honey
  • CVS honey
  • Full Circle pure honey
  • Fred Meyer clover Honey
  • Giant Eagle clover Honey
  • great Value, clover honey
  • GE clover Honey
  • HT traders Tupelo Honey
  • Haggen honey, natural and pure
  • Kroger pure honey clover
  • Mel-o 100% pure honey
  • Market Pantry pure honey
  • naturally Preferred fireweed honey
  • Natural Sue bee honey clover
  • Rite Aid honey
  • Arco pure silver honey
  • Stop and Shop Nail honey
  • Sue bee honey clover
  • Safeway clover honey
  • Thrifty honey bee
  • Valutime honey
  • Wegman clover honey
  • Winnie the Pooh, Pure Clover
  • Walgreen MEL-O honey
  • Western Family Clover honey

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