Onions are plants that assimilate sulfur land as they develop. It is a substance applied inside dividers distance onion cells (or movies). At the moment these layers are broken by our shovels, download a number of catalysts and synthetic amino call sulfoxide corrosive in the air.

They respond with water on the surface of the eyes to corrosive sulfuric acid. Our body is connected to remove undesirable chemicals or particles of our eyes with tears, so that the second our mind detects that the torment sends the signal to start tearing.

The most effective method to cut onions without mourn

General Tips:

continually use a sharp blade. The more effective your bar, the less time you’ll spend the flaming vapors present. A sharp blade will less damage to the cells themselves onion and cut through them compared to spraying and discharging them more chemicals into the air.

Keep your mouth pieces of onion hacked down and away from your workspace. You can actually have a significant effect.

try to leave onion in its unique position, as much as could reasonably be expected when cut, with the aim that you can not build the surface area of ​​the substance onion uncovered. For example, when the onion is first cut to the middle, to ensure that both sides are set aside chopped down on the table. Also, do not peel that area until you are ready to cut it!

The Best Hacks that really work

The Technical Vent

What it is: try cutting onions under a vent in the kitchen. It would be best for you if your kitchen ventilation worked on a stove.

Why it works: The air flow coordinates vapors onions away from your eyes, so the dying concoction response does not happen

solidify and (No) Cries


what is: stick the onions in the cooler 15 minutes before you are ready to set them up, however, keep in mind to take them out before they hit hard

Why it works: the freezing temperature minimizes the arrival of chemicals onion. Proteins are less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and that is the reason onion cooked never made mourn.

suffocate their sorrows

What is :. Peel the onion and let them soak a bowl of water for 10 minutes

Why it works: The chemicals are drawn into the water. Anyway, this will likewise take a part of the characteristic touch of onion, so be careful when cooking with them.

The Onion Goggles

Why it works: Glasses make a fixed obstruction between her delicate eyes and chemicals transported by air cruel. Some people say they do not cry when onions are cut while using the focal points of contact and is also bode well.

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