How to Control Diet and Weight in Children

The control of the child’s diet and weight is largely in your hands as a parent. This is what you can do if your child is overweight.Parents often believe that force your child to eat more and more is a sign of his love. They are not too many parents are worried when they learn that their child is overweight. They think of it as fat baby, who will soon lose the child as it grows into a real adult.Some children grow out of their baby fat as they age, but many do not. So do not keep pushing the food down his throat, especially fattening foods.

serves rich food is not a sign of love

Some parents mistakenly believe that cooking with butter, rich in oil and food loaded with sugar for their families somehow are demonstrating their love for them. Trying to dissociate serves food with proof of love or test their skills home. If your child does not want to have another fried pakora, it’s her. It is better than the waste lands on the child’s stomach.

Do not criticize your child for being overweight

There are other parents who go overboard, and continue to their children what they think are encouraging words of advice, telling them they should watch what they eat, watch your diet, exercise more and so on, over and over and over. Soon not only your child will turn a deaf ear to their pleas, but she will also develop a strong sense of insecurity. You are causing more damage to their self-esteem than you think. No matter how long your child to be thinner, she does not keep telling you lose weight. Instead, see what you can do to help her without being obvious.

Without being vocal about their intentions, start stocking up on healthy snacks. juice drinks substitutes. Avoid take-home ice cream, pastries and baked goods are made. The less social in the country, the less your child will have.

promote a healthy lifestyle

Encourage your child to play a sport. If no one in your family is physically active it may not be easy to push it in that direction, but do not try to get your interest. Children often like to undertake new activities, and should not be too much of a challenge. Maybe you can meet friends who are very active physically or whose children play a particular sport. This should increase the willingness of his son to try his hand at something.

try several sports options with your child beforehand, so you have a choice in the sport occupies. Also, make the effort to see how it is progressing. If she does not show talent for a particular sport, remember that it may soon tire of it and give it up. If you let him try his hand in more than one sport at a time, something like tennis and swimming, your child may show an obvious sympathy and aptitude towards a sport, then you can help her focus.

Try to obtain your participation in a sport when she is still very young. If it does, it is a way to ensure that your child ensures that makes staying fit and getting regular exercise a priority in your life. She will then automatically more particular about the food you eat -. Everything goes with the lifestyle

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