are blocked sinus health problem that affects people of all ages. And while most people resort to drugs to treat this health problem, there are other ways to relieve the pressure caused by blocked sinuses.

now quickly and easily get instant relief of blocked sinuses and breathing using your fingers touch your pressure points in a method known as acupressure.

Apply pressure through their eyebrows

According to the massage therapist Amber Lynn Vitale, which can stimulate the movement of mucus by applying pressure through their eyebrows.

start by putting your fingers on the starting point of each eyebrow, near the center point between the two. Then lean forward head resting on his elbows. When the pressure change after a few seconds sits, slide your fingers in the middle of each eyebrow.

Keep that way until you feel a slight relief again. Continue to move your fingers to the end of each eyebrow. Now, you can maintain a constant pressure or move your fingertips in small circles to promote the flow of mucus away from the front.

pressure will be felt in the center of the head will disappear once the fluid flowing starts.

Press between the eyebrows and the use of language

To delete your breasts should push the tongue against the roof of the mouth while applying pressure to the pressure point between the eyebrows with one finger.

Hold this position for a minimum of 20 seconds will start immediately to get some relief.

As soon as you loosen the tongue and lower their pressure fingers will feel some movement to the back of the throat as mucus buildup softens.

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