How To Cleanse The Liver & Gallbladder


The liver is a vital organ . It is the body’s energy accumulator. It also involves important metabolic processes performed to our growth and development. Injury or liver disease can affect bodily functions such as blood clotting, digestion, energy production and excretion of waste products from the body.

The most important functions of the liver are as under:

– removes toxins from the body, purify the blood by removing toxic materials


– Increases the immunity of our body by producing antibodies. These antibodies counteract the harmful organisms to enter the body.

– The small intestine depends on some digestive hormones, which are synthesized in the liver, stored in the gallbladder and then released into the intestine after ingestion of food

-. Converts the food we eat into energy and supplies energy to the whole body

-. juice bile is an important digestive hormone that is needed for digestion of fats. The liver synthesizes bile juice.

– Liver takes control of glucose and fats circulating in the blood. fat and glucose is used in the manufacture of energy. This function of the liver keeps a balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats in our body.

– you might also kill bacteria that enter directly into the digestive tract. Blood absorbed in the intestine is performed for the liver. The liver removes harmful organisms.

– As we have already said, it is the store for many substances essential for growth and development. Liver stores iron and copper. Stores vitamins.

– The liver is also involved in the production of certain hormones. They can also inactivate every day after their function is complete by decomposing them. Sex hormones are also controlled by the liver to some extent.

– In each of the body, energy is produced by metabolic These metabolic reactions are carried out by enzymes. Liver produces and supplies these enzymes to other tissues.

– The liver also produces some transport proteins are required to take some substances such as iron or calcium from one organ to another through blood

All the above functions must have. Indeed understand that healthy liver is extremely crucial for health. The liver also needs some cleaning to maintain its functions. You can clean your liver by some natural foods:

Magnesium sulfate Found in the bitter salt. It can take 50 grams of salt or 4 tablespoons sour.

pomelo : grapefruit cleanses the liver. The amount should be equal to 2-3 citrus juice extracted.

Olive Oil :. 150 ml of olive oil is olive oil cold pressed are enough

Try cleaning your liver by these natural ingredients near a rest day and Sunday. You should clean your liver on Friday or Saturday.

Another important part is to avoid high-fat foods on the day selected to clean your liver. You should eat diets rich in fiber such as whole grain bread, baked potatoes or boiled vegetables lacking oil and use a little salt. Also, try to refrain from using unnecessary drugs like painkillers or sleeping pills that day. Missing a dose of vitamin supplements.

Prepare the bitter salt: Take a container filled with 600 ml of water. Put some salt into the bitter water. Cover the bowl with a lid. Shake and make four parts water dividing equal proportions.

Follow a program:

If food after 2 PM: must be fasting after 2 PM. Do not eat anything. The whole process is otherwise render ineffective.

17:00 At 5 pm, drink some salt water bitter. After drinking, rinse your mouth with water.

8PM: drink 2 nd of at 8pm. You are not going to feel hungry because you are drinking the bitter salt.

9: 45 pm: Now it’s time to mix oil and olive grapefruit juice. Shake well to mix

22:00 Drink the mixture of olive oil and the juice. Be patient. Drink it very slowly. Take 5-10 minutes.

Now time to go to bed.

lies in bed on her left side.

6:00 a.m. :. The next morning, he wakes up at 6 am and drank 3- rd portion of bitter salt water

back to sleep on his left side.

8PM. wake up at 8 and drinking 4 ap dose. However, the treatment has been completed. Try to drink natural juices in the first 2 hours after drinking 4 ap part . After 3 hours you can start eating your meals. You will feel refreshed and energized all day.

For effective cleaning:

You may feel the need to urinate much more frequently the day cleaning your liver is. You can also pass greenish stones. These stones are real. These stones are composed of cholesterol.

The liver can be added to such substances. Cleanliness is essential to remove these substances from the liver. The liver function effectively after the cleaning. You must repeat the cleaning process every two weeks.

In addition, this will help alleviate allergies and make you healthier. It will improve sleep patterns and provide energy.

does not execute cleaning if you have a serious illness:

There is no contraindication for this method of cleaning. If you are suffering from any acute illness such as fever, flu or inflammation, do not perform cleaning. Also, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, do not try cleaning.

Source: Healthy Food Star

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