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Have you ever washed a pair of socks with detergent and bleach and still had an odor. Well this happens to be me. I am a person who sweat excessively in their hands and feet so later after work when I am removing the socks would be wet, after a few days of wearing it would be smelly. Well, of course, although a simple laundry work but I was wrong so I tried a number of methods to get clean and I found two methods that really worked well so I’ll explain below.

What really makes your socks smell bad?

Before explaining you need to understand why your sock is stench and has to do with bacteria. They live everywhere once the sweat begin to feed and multiply your socks to your home. Like all living things, once they eat must excrete so when the bacteria excrete leave a bad odor. So basically, to get rid of the smell you have to kill the bacteria.

METHOD use vinegar

This is where comes in white vinegar, there are two ways I’ve solved the problem of bad odor socks. The first method to use vinegar worked great need to mix three cups of water with 1 cup white vinegar and take your socks overnight. The next day you can be machine washed with other clothes for this will surely leave with fresh mouth again.

The other way is to pull two cups of vinegar in the wash along with your detergent and wash as normal.

METHOD OF USING TWO enzyme cleaner

enzymatic cleaners are known to degrade the smaller debris and dirt molecules so this makes them very effective against stains and odors and since you can keep working as long as up to 80 hours after application so surely this is a great way to clean your smelly socks.


If you have none of the above ingredients in your home can use hydrogen peroxide which has antibacterial properties that kill bacteria by destroying their cell walls and also gets rid of bad odors You can make a mixture of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 3 parts water soaking your socks at night and then went with his usual clothes. Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties so its recommended for white socks.


Methods of socks a little bad that was not so effective was washing socks with baking soda and detergent after dried could still smell the smell faintly another method I’ve found on the internet I tried was soaking for they have not tasted was soaking his socks alcohol overnight the mixture should be 1 part alcohol, 2 parts water. Alcohol can be used as an antiseptic so it has some bacteria killing properties.


Keep your shoes clean and odor free.

Use templates food smell

Wicking Test antimicrobial


Take weekly foot bath to keep bacteria and fungi away

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