How to Beat a Cold with Homemade Elderberry Elixir

Lisa M. Rose shares a recipe for the elixir of elderberry that can be used to treat colds of winter.

Es 4 a.m. You wake up, cold and feverish. In denial, that turning in bed, hoping that has not caught cold going around the office. Instead of ignoring the symptoms, to reach this homemade elderberry elixir. Medical research has shown that taking a tincture based elderberry in the first 48 hours of a virus’ onset can shorten the duration of symptoms by as much as four days. Keep a supply of this syrup on hand when illness strikes. Its flavor is much better than the material with cherry flavor, is all natural, and in less than an hour you can make a batch large enough for you and your healthy all winter family. Or if you are too sick to take a bottle, no store bought as Urban Moonshine immune herbs zoom versions that are quite nice, too. Read more

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