How the Varicella Vaccine Damages a Child’s Immunity (for Life!)

varicella vaccine
By Cilla Whatcott, HD Rhom, CCH, PhD

Raise your hand if you’re in a secret Facebook group looking to find a feast of chicken pox.

How many of you remember a time when there had to be a secret? The concept is as old as the world. Find a child with chickenpox, schedule a playdate and voila instant exposure!

When I was a kid in the 1960s had a lot of parts of chickenpox for everyone. There was no need for secrecy for fear that Child Protective Services appeared at his door to take your children!

all share this benign disease of childhood in school, church, playground or the grocery store. It was a rite of passage – a few days off from school, injuries biting your mother warned you not to scratch, baking soda baths, and a little chicken soup and ginger beer. No one thought much of it.

Then the varicella vaccine arrived ….

vaccine Madness varicella

The varicella vaccine is intended to deceive mother Nature. Why? Because this benign disease had become too “inconvenient” for the modern home with two working parents. At that time in the early mid-1990, dual-income families had become the norm.

Shortly after the varicella vaccine was launched, the Centers for Disease Control began a surveillance study to evaluate the effects of this vaccine in a community with limited mobility, Antelope Valley, CA. i in this town, people were born, raised and transmitted with few people moving in or out. It was the perfect petri dish to see what the vaccine was doing.

Something very interesting emerged from the data collected in this small community ….

One of the statisticians, Gary Goldman, discovered an alarming piece of data on the vaccine chickenpox after running the numbers. The incidence of herpes had increased significantly, not only among adults, but children also. II iii iv

When Dr. Goldman alerted his superiors to this fact was ignored. It was told that an vaccine for shingles easily be put in place to address the problem.

And this is exactly how the situation has played over the last 20 years, does not? Cases of ringworm are through the roof for all age groups since the chickenpox vaccine was introduced with the very expensive shingles jab with success rate under heavy unfortunately pushed in older adults in the corner drugstore.

was really fool Mother Nature? Of course, no! It’s never

Purpose of Mother Nature for Childhood Illness

Mother Nature knew exactly what he was doing when he designed childhood diseases -. In particular measles, mumps and chicken pox.

Recent studies have shown that these specific childhood illnesses, captured during typical windows immune system development in childhood, have a protective effect against heart attacks v and stroke vi herpes, ovarian cancer vii and other types of cancer later in life. viii

prefer that your child has a mild illness like chickenpox for a week or get cancer or another autoimmune disease for life?

you see, these childhood diseases exert the immune system to be stronger, like a weight lifting muscle. This allows proper maturation to boost the results of long-term health in a positive way.

Essentially, childhood diseases paves the way for a long and healthy life.

But wait! What about those who are too weak to handle a child’s illness or when an epidemic strikes dangerous?

homeoprophylaxis increases immunity without damaging

There is an alternative to conventional vaccines to stimulate the immune system, but does not imply fool mother nature. It called homeoprophylaxis (HP) and it works very similarly to how human physiology reacts to exposure to the wild disease.

Because ultra-high dilution, HP pellets containing the frequency of the disease in question, but without substance material. As a result, there is no real risk of disease. All benefits are granted without risks.

When taken into the mouth, contact with mucous membranes (such as natural disease) signals the immune system to begin production of immunoglobulin A (IgA), the initial response of the innate arm. An energy pattern is communicated to the developing system where stored until exposure to the disease occurs. In essence, the natural susceptibility to the disease has been satisfied by the “dose” of their frequency. It contains no additives, preservatives or adjuvants. Only natural disease is communicated to the recipient.

Why use HP if the natural disease is preferable?

Some argue that it is preferable to natural disease, why take a pill containing a diluted version?

Here is the problem. We can easily find the wild disease in our communities longer? Rarely, if ever, can this happen especially when it comes to chicken pox!

Again, the plan of Mother Nature derailed, but never be fooled.


Usually parents received an (external) exogenous when their children who came down with chickenpox exposed. Grandparents also did, like teachers and other adults who are in contact with small virus carriers. pediatricians historically had the lowest incidence of herpes zoster, and they received many exogenous increases examine their patients with chickenpox. He was a very effective plan.

On the other hand, what if some children are too weak or immunocompromised to support a disease? Not everyone is strong enough to navigate through a disease unharmed even one as benign as chickenpox. If you are in this field and for some protection, but the question of the additional ingredients in vaccines, HP is the logical and effective solution.

Why some homeopaths HP Jump?

There homeopaths among us who avoid homeoprophylaxis and firmly defend the use of what is called “gender epidemicus.”

This is a fancy term that simply means the use of a homeopathic remedy well chosen targets the main common symptoms of an epidemic.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), the father of homeopathy, accidentally discovered the homeopathic belladonna as gender epidemicus for scarlet fever. ix proceeded to apply prophylactically to prevent widespread infection and was later supported by the government instructed its use during epidemics.

Similarly, during seasonal outbreaks of leptospirosis in Cuba , HP saves a lot of suffering for more than 2 million people. x The government of India supports the use of HP as a valid alternative to conventional vaccines as evidenced by the success of reducing Japanese encephalitis.

If HP does not have a risk of death or injury and only benefits the system as a whole, then why not administer it and reap the benefits? Why a community prefer unprotected exposure to the wild disease when protection is available easily and naturally? It only makes sense.

Homeoprophylaxis banner

still have questions about HP, and the evidence behind their use?

You owe it to yourself to attend the conference, homeoprophylaxis: the choice based on evidence . This highly anticipated event takes place October 7-9, 2016 in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg Florida Hilton Bayfront.

Will you know of doctors around the world who will share studies, experience and application of HP for individuals, families and communities. In addition, you will meet parents who are using this effective treatment with their own families. Visit for more!

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Cilla Whatcott

Cilla Whatcott, HD Rhom, CCH, PhD is a classical homeopath, an instructor at Normandale Community College, mother of several children adopted worldwide and advocate for safer health care.

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