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can not also be a rule that bass and many types of living predators use. The energy used to catch food can not be greater than the vitality of the trapped food provides. If the energy used to catch food is superior to that offered her food, the predator eventually die. The edges appear in many forms and most attract and keep bass in one or another

weed edges :. Many forms of aquatic vegetation offer prime habitat for bass. Whether you are fishing the perimeters of the lily pads, pondweed or milfoil generally goes in search of the “stain around the spot”. The outer edges always seem to have a fish, but try to find inside changes, breaks or points of weeds. Often weeds on the edge can often be overlooked and can be very productive, especially in the morning and evening. Edges of weeds become a refuge place, as well as an ambush point for the bass. Eat and check out what you do not eat

Current edges :. Smallmouth bass in rivers look for points to be the ambush point, but also a repose denote spend only a small amount of energy as possible. Large rocks and turns in the river are prime places to look for active smallmouth bass. Current is also offered in lakes. Many large lakes can offer current on windy days within the areas of the neck or even channels between the islands. The current push quite often in the bait in an easy meal. There are times when the bass can be stacked on these areas on windy days

Structural edges: Under frequently establish a “hierarchy” of the main structures. The edges of the main structure include fallen trees and logs, piers, bridges, marinas, etc.

Shade edges: Shade is one of the most forgotten corners of. Docks, although a structure also offers a shaded area from the sun. Trees can also produce a shadow edge. Early morning and evening offers some of the best bass fishing in the day. One reason could be the edge shadow created by low sun angles behind trees along the horizon. Just think how at night, when you have the lights on in your home, it really is harder to see out in the dark, but it is very easy to see from a dark outside a home on. These edges provide a very dramatic low edge on its prey.

If you’re going to be able to combine a variety of edges in a region which could have its “A” for fishing. Looking these structural edges gives an advantage to have more success on the low side of fishing trip.Article Source: look at the tips of the newest bass fishing, learn new fishing techniques bass and pay attention to each about the hottest new bass tackle in North America in Pro Fishing Tips

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