How I started using essential oils (and the mistakes I made … so no)

I started using essential oils for many years, but has been a journey of self. Here is my story … and the mistakes he made (to hope he can spare!).

I started using essential oils because I wanted to sleep and my husband to stop snoring! Having addressed these issues, I began to wonder …. “What else could do this?”

felt a little crazy to me at first. (And my extended family tended to second that idea!)

But I felt so attracted to oils, knew there was something there.

I have tried several different brands and talk to different representatives to find the right fit for me. At first, I did not even know what I was looking for, but once I found it, I knew. Therefore, to save time and effort, I thought maybe I would start my blog here at Guardian of the house with the inscription :. The why and where of essential oils

Why use essential oils?

The words I normally hear people use when talking about why use essential oils are authorized, NATURAL, SUPPORT, CONTROL.

But when I was starting out, those words do not mean much to me.

Empower what? Control who?

Now, do not get me wrong, I’m as big of a control freak like Sheldon ( Big Bang Theory ) or Monica Friends ! I LOVE to feel in control of … well, everything! But I did not realize I could be in control of my health ! I had been blind in thinking I had to keep the status quo and react to things in my house instead of being proactive and preventive.

Once changed that mindset, essential oils knew would be a fundamental part of my life at home.

Now these words began to mean more to me. I wanted to be in control of my choices. I wanted to feel able to handle problems that came up in my house and to support our body naturally. Suddenly I was like this Supermom with all the power in the universe! Although I say that in jest, it was also true in a sense.

Here's how I got started using essential oils, including mistakes I made. Hopefully this will save YOU! :)

Finding the right essential oils

In my research, I realized that the marks were important and not all oils are created equal. I realized that if I wanted to have the power of essential oils this universe, I had to choose wisely.

I bought about four different brands than when I started. The two important things I learned were looking for quality and education.

The first bottles I bought from outside of the platform were fine, but a little out somehow. A glass bottle actually crystallized in less than a month! And there was no one to tell me what to do or how to do it. I asked the employees but they really did not know anything more about oil than they did on organic cheese!

Then I bought a direct selling company through a casual relationship. She sent me a couple of recipes for my oils and a reference book that was probably helpful, but I did not know enough to find anything on it. I asked for more help, but was limited.

Finally, I went to a class with my cousin who told me this experience would be different. And although I was very doubtful and not planning to buy anything else at that time, it was different immediately. Education was the missing piece. I bought another kit and immediately switched brands.

From that moment, the mentor who had signed with have supported me and was always willing to offer advice and talk about options to use my oils. I received another book, but she assured me that things would be for me until I got the hang of it.

This led to one of my crucial moments with oils. About a month after getting my second kit oils, my youngest son started kindergarten. Two weeks at the beginning of the year, developed some irritation in the chest and I felt like a super mom. Here we go!! I’ll have to use my oils to solve the world’s problems !!

Hmmm …. not so much. I read the book, put things in your diffuser, put things on your feet …. Put more in your diffuser … tried a different mix. Nothing!

What?! This was supposed to empower me !! I felt defeated. (And trust me, it was not the first time!)

Finding the right people to support your body can be tricky and we all have those moments that just do not seem to work things options. This is why good support is essential.

My mentor was a Facebook message I did and told me to come. He looked at various things and we recommended two oils: ylang ylang and geranium. Wait, these are not related chest discomfort occasionally! But they are related to stress, separation, pain, sensitivity … .. OHHHHH! Psychologist mother had completely missed the point.

Our bodies reflect our emotional state and I had completely lost. Mayor mom fail! But redemption came to use these oils (my mentor gave me samples – another important thing when you need something right away), and irritation eased in a couple of days

My recommendations for essential oils [

therefore, my two recommendations to choose the right oil for you :. know your company and know the quality of the oils are choosing

is always better to buy directly from the dealer to know no manipulation has taken place.

Second, make sure you sign up with someone willing to provide ongoing support and education. That continuing education has been crucial for me in using my oil regularly and increasing control on the way home and train our path in stewarding our lives effectively!

I hope it helps to make some decisions for your home, and I would like to provide tutoring offered to me with oils that already have or would like to try oils. Let’s go out and enjoy the beauty of these incredible options!

Have you tried using essential oils? What is your experience?

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