How I Naturally Cured My Postpartum Depression Without Medication

( – I had just given birth to my third child, a beautiful child. We had recently moved into a new house. My husband started a doctoral program to become a nurse. Everything was perfect.

Except, it was not.

he could barely get out of bed in the morning. In the evening, I was plagued by recurrent thoughts of someone breaking through the window and I or my children harm.

I remember managing to get everyone and ready to go to the park. It should have been a triumph, but instead, I felt empty, exhausted and anxious. I sat on the park side and cried while my kids played.

had anxiety and postpartum depression and knew, for the sake of my family, I had to do something about it.

to medicate or not

Because my husband is a Psych Nurse, I also knew that if possible, he wanted to avoid traditional medicines and all its accompanying side effects. The most common medications given for depression have a number of ailments that accompany their use, all decreased sexual desire to increased anxiety. But if he could not get better without medication, I knew I would have to swallow the pill, literally, for the sake of my family.

So I came up with a plan

I took a month. If you could not get better in a month of holistic treatments, I would resort to traditional.

Fortunately, I did not have to resort to traditional treatments. With the help of advice and experience working with depressed patients from my husband, who was able to overcome my depression and anxiety in about three weeks. Now, the only thing that keeps me at night is the baby.

Together with my husband, I made a self-treatment plan that can be divided into four categories :. Getting enough sleep, social interaction, physical fitness and nutrition

enough sleep

As a new mom with anxiety keeps me awake, and a new baby who hated sleep at night, I was not doing very well in this department, but because it seemed more able to sleep during the day, decided to nap during the day a priority.

When the baby was sleeping, I let the older children watch a movie while I napped on the couch. It was the kind of things that never would have imagined myself doing, but in the end, a bit of screen time was better than being the mom who does not smile to their children.

Social Interaction

The next on the list was social. This is where the family has helped a lot. Instead of isolating myself at home with my children, family often visited.

The whole time, my husband was giving me the patience and support he needed. The number one thing I would say to someone going through depression is to find someone you trust to talk to. I know that when you’re depressed often feel like you do not have any, but there are people who love you and want to help.

How exercise

The next step was both the hardest and most effective plan of my self-treatment.

My husband mentioned to me that aerobic exercise releases endorphins and has been shown to be as effective in fighting depression as medication. The trick is that just walking or other forms of light exercise are not enough. It has to be an exercise that gets your heart rate for a sustained period of time.

elected me to run. My husband and I go to the park and then take turns, I would like to see children as he ran for thirty minutes and then change us and it was my turn to run.

We were outside, we move, and we were consistent. There were times when I really, really did not want to run, but I went to the park anyway, plugged into my music, I began tracking application, and hitting the pavement.

When we started, I was not able to run all the time, so use a running application on my phone to tell me when to run and when to walk interval. It was hard work, but when I was done my whole body felt better. I could think clearly. You might smile. Even if it was only for an hour after my career, I knew I was helping.

restructuring My Diet

Finally, for nutrition, there were things I do and the things I did them difference. This is what I did. I do not put on a restrictive diet that allowed me to eat only certain items or cut out entire food groups.

Yo, on the contrary, make a conscious effort to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, limit sugar level, and stick to whole grains. It was a meal plan that was feasible, and that allowed me to eat enough calories to maintain my milk supply.

Again feeling of happiness

Leaving the depression was not an overnight thing, but when I was out, oh mama I could tell. First, it is now easier to sleep, then my ability to laugh back.

drove everyone crazy looking up as many memes fun and blog posts I could. I found the light and humor in everyday life again. I could play with my kids in the park, instead of sitting on the bench, feeling empty and hollow.

Once again I have the Energy

One night, before I got my kids in bed, who played monster tickle. They do not realize the value of such a simple act until it has been removed.

squeals and giggles filled my house while pursuing my sweet children around the living room. I gently confront them, I kissed his cheeks, and pretended to eat her pudgy little arms.

That’s why I gave me a month.

That’s why I wanted to come back.

I could not do that when I was depressed. I needed to fix it not just for me but for my family. In the end, I’m stronger because of my depression. I am more compassionate. I am most grateful, and I’m a heck of a tickle monster.

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