How I Cured My High Blood Pressure

( – “For the rest of his life,” I asked, “How long will I have to take these pills “
replied the doctor,

being diagnosed with high blood pressure

these words surprised me more than the diagnosis of having pressure high blood. All I could see was my future as an old woman with a pill organizer plastic bag waiting for the inevitable heart attack or stroke.
in January 2013 I had a cold that just could not get rid of it. After a week I still felt horrible; constant headache, fever and very tired. A doctor examined me and informed me that I did not have a cold. my symptoms to my dangerously high blood pressure was 180/90 were due.
Until then I had always thought that high blood pressure was something that only affects older people. I did not even know what should be a normal blood pressure reading, and had no idea how high blood pressure is dangerous or fatal if treatment is not received.
I did not take too seriously the diagnosis until he was taken to hospital and wired to a machine during an ECG heart monitor. Fortunately, the ECG showed my heart was functioning normally despite my high blood pressure.
A blood test revealed that the cholesterol level was too dangerously high. It was 6.6. I was informed that the combination of high blood pressure and high cholesterol me a time bomb made. The doctors seemed surprised that I had not had a stroke or a heart attack.
Lopril I was prescribed pills and told me to take one tablet of 25 milligrams each morning. I was instructed to return to the hospital twice a day for the next week to have my blood pressure.

My reaction to being diagnosed

was devastated to learn I was suffering from a serious medical condition.

However, it was not the diagnosis of dangerously high blood pressure that bothers me; being told he would have to take pills for the rest of my life I worried more.

After being diagnosed and sent home with my pills “for life” I spent three days lying on the couch wallowing in self-pity. The elderly had arrived early. I remember feeling numb with shock and very scared. I was only 52, but I felt I had aged 20 years overnight. I worried that a stroke or a heart attack would attack me at any time. felt my body had been taken by an elderly without power. My life was being controlled by doctors and was being kept alive with pills.
Until January 2013 I had always enjoyed excellent health, rarely saw a doctor, and rarely even took an aspirin. It was difficult to accept that now had a life-threatening condition, who had come to stay.

What caused my high blood pressure?

The doctors could not answer this question. It seemed to be “just one of those things.” As I learned more about hypertension I discovered a number of factors have probably contributed to my high blood pressure.
it was “quite a big girl.” I did not look obese as I wore loose clothes flattering and did not realize exactly how I had become overweight. I loved the food. All evil food – fast food, chips, cakes, chocolate and biscuits. had never thought much about what I was eating or what I was doing to my health.
I was also a drinker. It’s not an alcoholic or a daily drinker; but looking back I see that I was a heavy drinker. When I did drink was never a glass of wine. Once you open a bottle was finished – and I could easily end up with two or three bottles in one night
did no exercise and lived a rather sedentary life .. I spent most evenings lounging around watching TV or out with friends for dinner and drinks.

My Turning Point

After my diagnosis that only the couch to go for tests twice daily for blood pressure is. The results remained alarmingly high. On January 27, my Lopril doubled dose of two tablets a day.

Suddenly I was struck by an epiphany. I had a choice. It could still be a victim or I could fight to reduce blood pressure and lowering pills. From that moment I decided to take control of my body and health. I was a woman with a mission. “To heal myself and lowering pills”

had absolutely no idea how to go about this. I began by researching the causes of hypertension. After that I started looking for alternative solutions to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. I was determined to get my blood pressure and cholesterol levels back to normal levels and show that “life pills” were not the only way to cure high blood pressure.

face the truth

There was no more bad news. I needed to know exactly how much he weighed before he could begin the battle against sagging. I came to the pharmacy to get weighed and expected the machine to deliver discreetly bad news on a banknote.
n. Weighing machine turned out to be talking loud scales emit my obesity in French chemist to carry. I gathered that it was not good news when several pharmaceutical rushed to ask if I was okay. My weight was 90 kilos. I was officially overweight for my height.

taking positive steps

I made a private appointment with Dr. Sahnoun, a leading cardiologist. He was still hoping it was all a mistake; I did not have high blood pressure and could stop taking the pills. Dr. Sahnoun checked my blood pressure was a little less than 140/80. (Reluctantly she had been taking the prescribed Lopril).
Dr. Sahnoun was adamant that he would have to keep taking pills for the rest of my life. He changed me to another type of blood pressure pill “Micardis Plus 80 / 12.5.” I only have to take one tablet a day, but I was worried it was too.

Learn About Hypertension

I think that knowledge gives power. I learned as much as possible about hypertension; its causes, symptoms, medications used in treatment, side effects and alternative ways of managing high blood pressure.
I have found a couple of great websites, while scouring the Internet for information about high blood pressure. I got a lot of tips on how to live with hypertension from Blood Pressure UK , which is a charity aiming to help people lower their blood pressure. WebMD is an American health website with an entire section devoted to tips, news and information on hypertension. Both sources provide tips explained in easy to understand language.

Food to eat blood pressure environment

Salt is the number one enemy for those of us with high blood pressure. I quickly discovered that throwing salt cellar is not enough to reduce salt intake. Tinned salt to most packages and processed foods is added. breakfast cereals and cakes often contain alarming amounts of salt. My closets were almost naked when I had thrown everything containing salt
cholesterol-rich foods were the next to hit the trash .; red meat and processed meats such as sausage and bacon. fat dairy products contain high levels of cholesterol were off the menu as well, along with cakes and desserts based high-fat dairy products. No more quick or food as it is usually full of saturated fat. I was surprised to know that the prawns and octopus contain high levels of cholesterol.
Not all fats are equal. Unsaturated fat, found in olive oil, nuts, avocados and oily fish, it’s really good for us. I replaced saturated fats harmful for other healthy unsaturated. It was not clear if the eggs were friends or enemies. To be on the safe side I chose eggs rich in omega-3 and only ate two or three a week.
I have discovered that there are foods that can help lower cholesterol levels. Foods rich in fiber scrape cholesterol and help us rid our bodies. cholesterol-lowering foods include; oats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts.
Bananas are your best friend if you have high cholesterol and hypertension. They are low in calories easy to carry, but rich in potassium and vitamins. The potassium in bananas helps control blood pressure. Bananas also contain lots of fiber cholesterol-scraping.

cleaning a clean diet

As I learned more about healthy eating, a clean diet made sense. A clean diet means eating food that has not been tampered with; food which is as close to their natural state as possible. I chose to stop eating processed foods that often contain chemicals, additives and artificial preservatives. When possible I buy organic products. I stopped eating white foods, like bread, rice and pasta – rather eat healthier ways of brown
After cleaning the salt, sugar and foods loaded with fat was not much to eat .. I restocked my fridge with colorful fruits, fresh vegetables and ingredients vitamin-packed salads. I filled my fridge with skim milk, nonfat yogurt. white chicken, turkey and fish. It did not look like my fridge more!

Drinking more than the right stuff

The water was not my favorite drink but I needed to increase my consumption. Drinking plenty of water keeps our organs function well, it removes toxins and can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I tried to drink two liters a day.
I love coffee, but I discovered that caffeine can cause blood pressure peak. He could not leave the coffee because it was my last remaining treatment, so I searched for a healthier substitute. chicory coffee has a taste almost as good once you get used to it. chicory coffee is caffeine-free, and is believed to stop accumulating cholesterol.
I left soft drinks diet as I have learned that are mostly of a cocktail of chemicals and caffeine no nutritional value.

Setting goals to reach my goals

I had to get some goals because you can not achieve your goals if you are not clear what they are. I researched what a healthy weight for my height was and discovered something called BMI (body mass index). BMI is an easy way to determine if your weight is healthy for your height. My BMI came as obese. Sixty-five kilos was in the middle of the range of healthy weight for my height, so this seemed a realistic target to aim. To find out if you are a healthy weight for your height you can check your body mass index here .

My ultimate goal was, of course, out of the pills.

Learning to Love Exercise

The exercise was something I needed to implement in my new regime. Exercise not only helps you lose weight and get fit; exercise helps reduce blood pressure as well. Many years ago, in another life he had enjoyed running, so I decided to give it a go for a run. As I live near the sea that can run on the beach and reap the benefits of fresh sea air.
At first it was a struggle dragging my 90 kilos of fat in an hour of jogging / walking. Initially this was more walking than running. I persevered and got up very early three times a week to complete a journey that lasted an hour and is about six kilometers.
I ignored the taunts and rude comments as I stumbled my way around and bulky. I focused on the good he was doing and how I was doing a step closer to improve my health and getting pills.
After a couple of weeks I started to look forward to my morning run. It became easier each week, as it had a little less sagging weighs me down and my fitness level was increasing. I enjoyed the sea breeze and the sun on my body. After a jolt I felt full of energy for the whole day.
My weight dropped steadily. I was looking fitter and more toned and I felt very good. My clothes were loosened and I look forward to buying new clothes when I reached my ideal weight of 65 kilos.

Reducing stress through meditation

Too much stress is bad for us and stress can be a contributing factor to high blood pressure. I learned to slow down and stop drinking excessively. I started to say no to the stressful demands and made time to relax. I decided to give it a chance meditation.
I did not think I would be able to relax and let my mind whirlwind, but with guided meditations Headspace learned to observe my thoughts without dwelling on them. I enjoyed my daily meditation sessions with Andy and found that even 10 minutes of meditation left me calmer and more relaxed.

a lighter, emerges as me

At the end of May 2013 my weight was down to 67.5 kilos, my blood pressure of 130/80, and my cholesterol to 5.7. He had lost 22.5 kilos. He had achieved all this through willpower, effort, commitment and determination. She was thin, healthy, happy and full of renewed confidence.
Was this enough to get me the pills? Dr. Sahnoun was happy with my progress, but was adamant must keep taking Micardis Plus. He insisted that the pills my vital organs are protected and maintain a stroke or heart attack at bay.
, I was disappointed, but as determined as ever to get off the pills. Over time.

My new healthy lifestyle

My life had changed drastically. From a couch potato with lazy overweight had emerged a thin active woman who almost did not recognize. I was enjoying my new healthy lifestyle and really felt like my colorful salads and tasty fruit.
I find it difficult to do things in moderation. It was easier for me to eat chocolate, cakes and alcohol completely what rationed myself for special occasions. I soon stopped thinking about things I could not eat. When I smelled a freshly baked croissant I remind myself of all the artery-clogging fat containing same.
I rewarded my success by treating myself to new clothes. It was a wonderful feeling to walk into any store and find clothes that fitted me. I splurged on figure-hugging beautiful dresses for the first time in years.
I left my old unhealthy habits in the past to which they belonged. I stayed with the decisions he had made to live a healthier life. It was no longer a sick old woman. I felt young, healthy and in control.

The reduction of blood pressure pills

I continued to have checkups with Dr. Sahnoun every three months. I had stopped asking if he could come off the pills since I knew Dr. Sahnoun would say no. In July 2014, he surprised me by telling me that I could reduce my dose of Micardis Plus to half a tablet a day. I was so excited I could have kissed him. When I returned a month later my blood pressure was stable.
Dr. Sahnoun told me to stop taking the pills and come back in a week for my blood pressure. I was very excited, but also a little scary because it had constantly insisted the pills were necessary to ward off a stroke or heart and protect my vital organs.
A week later he was still alive and kicking. My blood pressure had remained normal. I was told to stay off the tablets for a month and then come back for another checkup.

Mission Accomplished: No more pills

On September 16, 2014 for my absolute delight Dr. Sahnoun admitted that no longer needed to take pills for high blood pressure. He admitted he was surprised and wanted to know exactly what was done to get my weight up to 63 kilos, be stable at 130/80 pressure and reduce cholesterol to a healthy 5.6.
I grouped my remaining then returned to the pharmacy scales with pills speaking. I’ve entered the money and waited impatiently for the machine to inform all loud that was now super slim and healthy. I was gutted when the machine prints silence my weight on a ticket.

living proof that you can cure high blood pressure

People often look at me in disbelief me when I say that cured my high blood pressure, changing my diet, exercising more, and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Family and friends were surprised that I fought so hard to get out of the pills. They could not understand why lower blood pressure medication was so important to me.
who continue to visit Dr. Sahnoun every six months to have the heart and blood pressure controlled. I feel a bit of a fraud sitting in your waiting now that I’m fit and well. Most of the other patients in the waiting room are seriously ill.
I am grateful that my blood pressure was discovered before it led to a stroke or heart attack. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to change my lifestyle and heal myself before it was too late.
I do not advise anyone with high blood pressure or high cholesterol to get rid of your medication. Do not consult a doctor before stopping any prescribed medication. But if exploring alternative treatments – I firmly believe that it can heal itself naturally and permanently hypertension same. Remember to discuss any treatment you want to try first with your doctor. Listen to your instincts and your body as well as your doctor.

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