How do NASA astronauts reverse extreme aging in space?

Did you know that the system ten times faster in space than it does on earth cardiovascular ages?

we age faster in space because there are more oxidative stress, more insulin resistance, and inflammation. You can even find significant damage to the mitochondria, the energy producing centers of cells.

The astronauts also experience another form of extreme aging. The tiny biological clocks that determine how long and how well we age much faster clip in space.

These tiny timekeepers are called telomeres. The shorter they are. The more prone to disease and the effects of aging of your body is. But if you can keep your longer telomeres, you can keep your young body acting for years. You can even take decades the aging process.

And in large studies of both astronauts and Russian cosmonauts, researchers have found that there is one more important than any other to keep travelers healthy space nutrient.

stabilizes telomeres, and promotes DNA replication and transcription because your body relies on it to make telomerase, the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres.

I’ll show you what this miracle nutrient and how to use it in a minute. But you must first know that this is not science fiction.

This technology is so important who won the Nobel Prize.

However, many anti-aging and standard medical experts lost this discovery. They are not exposed to this type of science. Doctors practice what they learned in medical school, and continuing education sponsored by special interest groups, such as pharmaceutical companies.

As an anti-aging specialist, had an idea from the beginning that the discovery of telomeres and telomerase mean to the world. We now know a genetic program run by the length of their telomeres age checks that your body acts.

In my health center I do not have science to work for my patients. They are now living longer young to maintain their telomeres.

Part of that is telomerase. In humans, the production of telomerase is deactivated when you are an adult. But you can turn it on again.

People are often surprised when I tell you about some of the nutrients that can have a big effect on telomerase in cells.

But what really touches them back when I say that the miracle nutrient NASA uses to protect space travelers is magnesium.

ground, it takes a while to notice changes in their telomeres, but in space, everything happens much faster. And scientists found that after 6 months in space, magnesium has been reduced by 35% in leg muscles, and lost 1% -2% of their bone per month.

Before and after a space mission, the lengths of telomeres and telomerase enzyme activity can be determined and compared with age-matched controls Earth. And studies show that the synthesis of telomeres is sensitive to the amount of magnesium that is.

Not only that, but in order to join the shortened DNA, telomerase is dependent on magnesium.

preserved magnesium and DNA repair. Not having enough increases oxidative stress 1 and DNA damage. 2 Both can damage your telomeres.

A new study shows the importance of magnesium is that telomerase. A group of researchers from the State University of New York Medical Center to study how it affects the heart magnesium.

were carried to a group of healthy animals, and tested their normal levels of magnesium. Then they all divided into two groups. One has normal diet and the other group received magnesium reduced. When the researchers tested the animals again, after only 21 days, telomerase had sunk by a huge 70-88%. 3 Cells in each part of hearts of the animals had reduced telomerase.

And, low magnesium markers also caused damage of free radicals to DNA to increase. That’s like a double whammy. Not only telomeres magnesium deficiency reduce telomerase, which also caused the same time shorten.

deficiency heart healthy minerals like magnesium in the world today is almost an epidemic. About 80% of Americans are deficient. A standard Western diet gives fewer than 30% of the minimum of what you need. 4

Eat more foods rich in magnesium is linked to longer telomeres. 5 A delicious way to increase magnesium is with black chocolate. It contains about 176 mg in just three ounces. I recommend having at least 70% cocoa.

green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, chard and are also rich sources. Other good choices include quinoa, lentils, almonds, sesame seeds, and spirulina.

But even if you eat a lot of these foods, you may not be getting enough. modern farming methods have depleted the soil magnesium. And taking medications, even over-the-counter, can leech Magnesium you.

Magnesium is another piece of evidence that supplements are often necessary. You have some options with magnesium, because there are many ways, so let’s try to clarify some of the confusion. I recommend taking 600 to 1,000 mg per day. Take it with vitamin B6. It will increase the amount of magnesium that accumulates in cells.

However, beware of cheap magnesium supplements you find in stores. They often have impurities, and most are magnesium oxide. It is the most difficult for your body to absorb. I would also like to avoid magnesium glutamate. It decomposes in glutamic acid. That’s a excitotoxins and has negative side effects on the brain and nervous system.

If today is healthy, look for the glycinate form. Magnesium combines with the amino acid glycine so it is easily absorbed. If you can not get that, search bound to citrate or chloride.

However, for better heart health and telomere, use magnesium along with other nutrients that maintain telomeres and telomerase rise.

you do not have to make any radical change, and there is impossible to take steps to deprive yourself of anything.

is important because it maintains and even lengthen their telomeres can help you live younger and healthier now.

This is by far the easiest way to put this Nobel Prize winning technology to work for you at this time.

Many of these nutrients are easy to find. Not a doctor’s visit or a prescription is required. And they go far beyond simply more “energy”.

By unlocking the power of their telomeres, you can start to create a “younger” version of himself. And that is one of the truly amazing aspects of this approach to aging, there is no limit to how far you can take it. It is entirely up to you.

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To your good health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD

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