How do I Know I Am Pregnant

To achieve pregnancy is a dream of every woman. Pregnancy changes the lives of women. The woman experiences a great feeling during pregnancy. It is very important to know about pregnancy in the early stages of start tender care. experienced mother or a woman when she becomes pregnant for the second time can easily identify your pregnancy, but many women who become pregnant for the first time, can not easily know about your pregnancy. There are many signs or tips that can help confirm with you that you are pregnant or not.

How do I Know I Am Pregnant

Important identify the symptoms of pregnancy

When missed time

When your periods stop, early signs of pregnancy becomes . Also, if you feel swollen breast, itching sensation around the nipples. missing period is considered more reliable symptoms of pregnancy.If your period is not regular, then pregnancy test is recommended. It is very easy to perform and reliable.

Feel Concern morning

Morning sickness, you can feel discomfort or illness especially in the morning and vomiting is also a symptom of pregnancy. You can check the symptoms of pregnancy draw all pregnancy symptoms. Such symptoms begin when it becomes four to six weeks of pregnancy.

Many women feel exhausted during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Find Change in skin color

Its color changes of the skin during pregnancy. dark circle around the nipple almost every eighth week of pregnancy can be found. You can find obstacles in the region of the nipple. Therefore, the dark color nipple is also one of the symptoms during pregnancy.

Vomiting or do not like the food taste

may aversion eat or find no taste in food. Also, there is no taste in tea, coffee or food even though they are used to taking every day. food craving can be considered as one of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Other symptoms

  • Due to the change of hormones of pregnancy can also be found headaches but is not reliable symptoms as there are many other reasons for the headache.
  • Many women find swelling during pregnancy, but it is not true for everyone. These can cause pregnancy before many women.

pregnancy test

pregnancy test is considered reliable to check your pregnancy. It measures the level of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine. HCG is a glycoprotein hormone produced during pregnancy. HCG is different level in blood and urine. You need to check this test in the early morning. You can check from your first urine test in the morning. It is not essential, but is recommended for perfection. It measures 25 to 30 MIU of HCG. Such an amount is found in the urine during the fourth or fifth week of pregnancy. If a pregnancy test at a very early stage is done, then only you can not find accurate results otherwise this test is very reliable and rarely produce false results. You can check pregnancy test after a few days of absence periods.

Are you pregnant – Consult your gynecologist without delay

early pregnancy symptoms will not continue for a long weather. Above all it stops around 10th week of pregnancy. If you find any problem after the first trimester, you should take the advice of your gynecologist. Once you have found to become pregnant, you should consult your gynecologist with experience and without delay to begin treatment of pregnancy. regularly take vitamin supplements and prescribed medicine without a lack of healthy eating are very essential check once you know you are pregnant.

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