How Can You Avoid Being Harmed in the Hospital?

When was the last time he was in a hospital? How was the experience? Well we trust. Hopefully there was no medical errors or misadventures. Unfortunately, a surprising number of people were hurt in the hospital. A Massachusetts survey revealed that one in four adults questioned reported observe or experience some type of error in the last five years. A study published in the journal Health Affairs concluded that “adverse events occurred in one-third of hospital admissions.”

Our ancestors feared damage to the hospital:

There was a time when people tried to avoid going to the hospital. It was seen as a place to die. The hygiene was poor and treatment was limited.

During the 20th century that changed the attitude. Antibiotics, sterilization, improved surgical technique all contributed to make hospitals safer. Today, many people do not think twice about staying at the hospital. They expect excellent service and quick recovery.

Poor health care: a leading cause of death

Earlier this spring, the research suggests that medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US was published .S. ( BMJ May 3, 2016) . The authors estimate that at least 251.454 people die each year from medical errors in hospitals. Not surprisingly, the medical profession has responded defensively to this analysis. Many doctors have called BMJ to remove the article. So far, publishers are not giving in to the pressure.

people are still being injured in the Hospital

A new Report of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Health and Human Services revealed that 29 percent of Medicare beneficiaries hurt his rehabilitation hospitals. This compares with 33 percent in skilled nursing facilities and 27 percent in hospitals. The range of problems patients are moved from a temporary to the events that made the intervention necessary to sustain life or death resulting damage.

Perhaps the most damning aspect of the OIG report was the finding that 46 percent damage that has occurred could have been avoided. In other words, many errors are happening in rehabilitation centers and hospitals, but little has been done to stop these preventable errors.

stories from readers who were harmed in the Hospital:

These statistics are impersonal. But readers have shared their own stories. One person wrote.

“While in the hospital awaiting surgery for a broken leg, two young women came to change the sheets I said No, my leg was broken. me and ‘log rolling’ me broken and changed ignored sheets leg. I could hear and feel the crunch of leg bone and roaring.

“After surgery the doctor said it was worse than I thought; I said it was probably due to rolling log. I am now crippled for life and a cane, although I was formerly a dancer and athlete active line “

Another reader wrote about the experience of a family member.

“We ran into a lot of trouble, especially medication errors and overdosing, when my father was in rehab. What medicated without their consent. Then we were told that it was not recovering and should be transferred to the section of long-term residence.

“At first I thought they were right, until one morning when he was incoherent. I asked why it was so when the night before he was talking normally and seemed to be recovering.

” I have the list of drugs and found that, number one, that put him on antidepressants without our knowledge. There were several other new drugs on top. I took the list to the pharmacist and he was so helpful. He noted three interactions and dosing problems. . Once muddle us, my father recovered enough to return home a few days later “

Medication errors top the list:

errors of this type are very common. the new report notes that medication errors are the leading cause of injury. it is not uncommon for patients to receive the wrong medication, wrong dose or a dangerous combination when you are in a health care facility.

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Hospitals save lives and help heal, but also have many pitfalls. We hope you can avoid being hurt in the hospital taking some precautions before entering the door.

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