How Can I Save Money with Reliable Canadian Online Pharmacies?

The cost of prescription drugs has skyrocketed. cancer drugs rose 18% to nearly $ 40 million last year. Drugs for hepatitis C were more than $ 18 billion. prices of prescription drugs are far exceeding inflation.

According to Time magazine (May 30, 2016):

“US drug spending is expected to reach $ 610 to $ 640 billion in 2020 before the sales. that’s more than the US military budget. ”

Many people have seen their prescription drug costs go up astronomically. Even when people have insurance, co-payments have budgets traps. In many cases insurance companies require people to take generic drugs are often made in countries like India, China, Slovakia, Hungary, Brazil and Thailand. In recent years there have been reports of fraud, mismanagement and poor quality control foreign manufacturers of generic drugs dozen. That’s why some people are looking for alternatives like Harry Madison, WI

P How can I find reliable online Canadian pharmacies? I have a very expensive drug my Part D does not cover. Thanks for your help!

A. Let’s start with the reality that buying prescription drugs online from Canada is technically illegal. The FDA has made it clear he does not like this idea a bit.

Fortunately, federal realize that if stopped grandmothers and grandfathers for the purchase of medicines for the heart of Canada that would create a storm of controversy. As a result, millions of US citizens have been buying Canadian drugs safely for years. But how can people find reliable online Canadian pharmacies? There are plenty of scammers on the Internet!

readers recognize Hypocrisy:

Visitors to this website noted that the pharmaceutical industry has been working hard to prevent US citizens import of personal medicines from Canada. The FDA is equally adamant that this is a dangerous practice. At the same time, most of our generic (and many of our brand name drugs) are made in countries where there has been inadequate supervision.

Here are some comments from visitors:

Richard in Sarasota, Florida says:

“Big Pharma says that the import of Canadian drugs is not sure. What hypocrisy when US pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing medicines with ingredients from foreign sources and certainly suspicious charge prices for them as much as eight times more than Canadian drugs. ”

Penelope adds this about monitoring drug supply US .:

“All the hype about the alleged unreliability Canadian pharmacies seems to me the height of hypocrisy, especially when Canadian supply chain is much more closely monitored could be facing another disaster Bhopal, Chernobyl, or the Gulf oil with drugs coming from overseas! “.

Finding reliable online Canadian pharmacies

First, realize that just because a website says its Canadian does not mean it’s true. There are a lot of unscrupulous websites posing as Canada. That’s why it is worth using services like CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) or They can help verify whether Canadian online pharmacies are legit.

authorized generic

We revised our Guide to save money on drugs . Not only this list of 20 page downloadable guide several proven Canadian pharmacies, but it will give ideas on “authorized generic”. These are generic drugs that are authorized or performed by manufacturing original mark. Sometimes they are made on the same production line.

Most physicians, pharmacists and patients have never heard of authorized generics, but we believe this represents an option to access generic drugs cost less than should be identical to their branded counterparts . The FDA seems reluctant to provide practical information on authorized generics, perhaps because it could undermine public confidence in the “normal” generic drugs. We think deserves more information about this secret source of generic medicine.

hope our updated guide useful for quality drugs at a fair price. We include our “10 Tips to save money on medicine” that should make a significant difference in the bottom line.

Please let us know what you think by rating this 20-page guide after downloading it.

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