How Alternative Medicine Cured My Maladies

Being diagnosed with heart disease, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and depression, at the age of thirty-four , it was an emotional experience. My friends wondered how I ended up with all these diseases in my youth.

it all began, at the age of thirteen, as an endocrine disorder called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This syndrome is known as a “silent murderer” because it is not, it makes one resistant to insulin and increases the chances of heart disease, type II diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. If I had known then that 21 years later I’d end up with all these diseases as a result of underlying polycystic ovary syndrome , it would have moved heaven and earth to heal the syndrome.

Almost two decades later, after several unsuccessful allopathic treatments, finding a cure for all my ailments in the field of alternative medicine gave me a big relief.

my struggles over the years

My doctor told me that allopathic hormonal imbalance was doing my ovaries produce male hormones, known as androgen excess. These hormones were causing the ovaries are enlarged and contain many fluid-filled sacs, called follicles, which were growing up, but were not fully mature to release eggs. The net result was that the follicles were maintained as cysts. The absence of ovulation meant no progesterone is produced. Therefore, I was suffering from amenorrhea.

The problem seemed simple enough, and my gynecologist assured me that the SOP was not a common problem among youth and women of childbearing age. Although the problem had no cure allopathic, with appropriate medical treatment regimen, diet and exercise, the syndrome would become manageable and would not negatively affect my life. However, she warned me that if I have not lost weight, polycystic ovary syndrome would lead to diabetes and heart disease, because women with PCOS are twice as likely to suffer from plaque buildup in the arteries, compared to women without the syndrome.

ineffectiveness of allopathic treatment

From thirteen at the age of thirty-four I have tried allopathic treatment after another, hoping to get rid of at least some of the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome. Life became very difficult because SOP diabetic and made me depressed. My blood pressure soared and the lipid profile was out of control. At the young age of thirty-four, the plate was placed in my arteries. My doctor put me on statins for atherosclerosis to maintain my level of bad cholesterol in check, raise good cholesterol and reduce the size of plaque in the arteries my . I was on a cocktail of drugs.

I also suffered from various other problems like sleep apnea, male pattern baldness, pelvic pain, obesity, hirsutism and infertility. underlying SOP was the cause of all my problems. Unfortunately, twenty-one years taking birth control pills to regulate ovulation did little to help PCOS. In my thirties, fertility medication such as clomiphene and metformin was necessary to ensure conception. In addition to these allopathic drugs, my doctor put me on a strict regimen of diet and exercise. Control my calorie intake and exercise like crazy just to gain weight due to the absence of menstruation, it made me miserable. Not only do I look obese and hairy, I also felt unattractive and depressed because she could not have children. My gynecologist told me that excess weight was the reason for amenorrhea.

It was a losing battle because obesity leads to excess insulin in the body. This in turn androgen production that were interfering with ovulation is exacerbated. Lack of ovulation did not mean menstruation, which meant greater weight gain, increased cholesterol and plaque in my arteries. Heart disease was the result.

My experience with alternative medicine

My gynecologist advised me to go for surgery ‘drilling ovary ‘to increase the chances of ovulation. My unwillingness to opt for surgery made me choose alternative medicine. Having visited a number of allopathic doctors to no avail, I did not see the harm in going to a professional alternative medicine.

The world of alternative medicine was new to me. I was surprised to discover that there were so many different types of alternative treatments. Homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine and Ayurveda were alien to me and I was not sure what to go. Fear of acupuncture needles discarded me. Homeopaths believe that homeopathy sometimes aggravate the problem before it healed. This doctrine terrified me because I did not want to get sick before you get better! In fact, a doctor told me that what is bad also has the power to heal you. Therefore, a poisonous substance that causes a serious disease, if consumed in large amounts, when ingested in small amounts has the power to cure the ailment. This made me dismiss homeopathy.

herbalism and Ayurveda seemed better options. I wanted to know the difference between Ayurveda and herbalism and then decide on the next course of action. In Ayurvedic medicine, tablets were made from natural herbs, metals, salts and oils. Only in herbal plant extracts were used to cure diseases. In view of this, the herbalist seemed safer and I was tempted to go with it.

My Date with herbalism

I went to see a herbalist and narrated my problem. She said I could cure the SOP and this alone would reduce the scope of my other diseases. Once Down syndrome was resolved, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure automatically come under control. a combination of six herbs is prescribed; agnus-castus, Paeonia lactiflora, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Echinacea spp., Gymnema sylvestre, and Schisandra chinensis Vitex. It also recommended a diet low in carbohydrates.

I tested these herbs for a period of 6 months, but did not see any improvement in my condition. Since the treatment regimen had worked for several other women like me, my herbalist was surprised that my reproductive system does not respond at all to herbs. She told me to take medication for another 6 months and convinced me that my problem would be solved. a drop of 10% by weight of my body is expected and said that my menstrual cycle became regular and hirsutism also decrease. I wanted badly to lose weight because of my allopathic doctor had warned me that if my weight did not come under control, I would still severely diabetic. He also told me that my lipid profiles were so out of control that my heart disease worse. I fervently hoped that herbs would work. He needed a miracle and prayed that herbal concoction would work magic. Unfortunately, there was no improvement in my condition. He was still obese, diabetes, depression, infertility and suffered from heart disease.

How ayurvedic medicine cured me

Having exhausted all other options, I decided to give it a Ayurveda opportunity and if that did not work my intention was to go ‘ovarian drilling. “I went to a practitioner of Ayurveda. She was an old woman who spent nearly an hour extolling the virtues of Ayurveda. I was really in the mood to listen to long and winding stories about the history Ayurveda, however, the lack of options she let me

she told me Ayurvedic medicine was recorded over five thousand years ago in Sanskrit in India according to this system of alternative healing.. the human body is composed of three doshas, ​​namely vata, pitta and kapha. I loosely translated the word dosha refers to the forces of energy. Vata governs all physical and mental movements such as heartbeat, contraction muscles and breathing. It also transmits sensory information and handles all deletions of the human body. It is the most important of the doshas. Pitta dosha governs thermogenesis, all metabolic activities, vision, appetite and complexion. Kapha dosha governs fertility, virility, strength and stability in the body. Of the three doshas, ​​Vata is the most important because if there is an imbalance of vata for an extended period of time, both kapha and pitta can be affected.

The healer said he would determine my body constitution so he could suggest a proper diet plan. Once done, she would give me the right medicine for my problem. She gave a piece of paper with a series of questions and asked me to respond to them. I am listing the questions in order for the benefit of readers.

  • Are you overweight?

  • Are you critical of others?

  • Do you have dry, rough skin?

  • Does a provision angry?

  • Are you sleepy?

  • Are you underweight?

  • Is your skin prone to rashes?

  • Do you suffer from sinusitis?

  • Is your mind always confused?

  • Are you cranky and irritable?

  • Do you sleep much and still wake up feeling tired?

  • Is restless and suffer from constant anxiety?

  • Does the graying and thinning hair prematurely?

  • Do you have oily skin and hair?

  • Are you constipated?

  • Do you experience hot flashes?

  • Do you suffer from congestion?

  • Do you experience water retention?

  • Do you suffer from heartburn and have loose stools?

  • Do you have insomnia?

  • Do you have joint pain?

  • Do you have boundless energy or are easily fatigued?

After evaluating my responses to questions, they said I had kapha dosha imbalance. She said there was no need for diet; I just had to eat more of some foods and less of others. The low-fat milk, cooked with ginger or turmeric was to be had in a lot because it would reduce excess kapha dosha.

told me to eat lots of fruits but to avoid acidic fruits such as pineapples and oranges as those kapha increase in the body. She told me to replace sugar with honey. The spicy food was fine, as long as salt intake was low. Vegetables can be had in abundance, but the tomatoes, zucchini, sweet potatoes and cucumbers should be eaten in limited quantities because they increase kapha. I could eat a lot of barley and millet, but would have to limit the intake of rice and wheat. Tofu and nuts should be avoided, but the rest of the beans could be eaten. And then she gave birth to a coup. You would have to follow a lacto vegetarian diet from Ayurvedic medicine do not work well with a non-vegetarian diet.

“If I can not eat meat, how will I survive?” He asked with a shocked expression on my face. She smiled at me and gave me a lacto vegetarian cookbook. She told me that the recipes were healthy, nutritious and tasty. Tempted to run out of his office and get rid of the idea of ​​Ayurvedic treatment together, I watched the furtive door. She felt my situation and convinced me to try the treatment for two months.

The next item on the agenda was the medication. He rubbed his eyebrows together, frowned a bit and told me that the medication was going to prescribe a composition of old age to cure PCOS. She said she would give me medication for heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure once she cured me of the syndrome. I could not help smiling when he said this. I asked if in the past, in India, people did not even know what was the SOP. She told me that in ancient times people did not have a fancy name for a condition like mine, but never existed at least the problem and so did the cure.

“The absence of ovulation and then amenorrhea, infertility and subsequent diabetes, depression and heart problems is a common enough condition among women, but allopathy offers no cure for it. Allopathic treatments only gap arrangements that offer no permanent solution to women with polycystic ovary syndrome, even after menopause is stopped. Ayurveda on the other hand will cure the problem, “he said. She gave me a bottle of pills and asked me to take 3 tablets a day.

The bottle was unmarked and pills were greenish gray. I looked apprehensively pills and wondered if it would be a good idea to take them. “A little faith,” he said. “You come to me for treatment, now take the tablets without prescription meat’m Ok.?” She refused to disclose the composition of medicine and asked me to take the pills for two months and see her again. She convinced me that faith would heal. He said that once she was cured, she would talk to me in great detail about the composition of the medicine and I explain how each of the ingredients worked. I was a little worried about ingestion of heavy metals found in Ayurvedic medicine. She assured me that metals would not hurt me.

Add herbs the herbalist had prescribed, I asked if it were used in the pill. I told him the concoction six herbs that my herbalist had given me had proved futile. He said that herbs were different from those prescribed above and convinced me that the pills will definitely work. I left his office reassured, hoping to see at least some improvement in my condition.

To my surprise, for the first time in one two twenty years I began to ovulate regularly and lost weight. Lose 25 kilos in a year he helped bring down my blood sugar and lipid profile also improved. Blood pressure and anxiety levels were reduced. Improving lipid levels, along with allopathic statins for atherosclerosis helped reduce plaque in my arteries. To my great joy, I conceived. My state of mind and raised my decision to leave antidepressants was met with approval.

My allopathic doctor let out a sigh of relief. She told me to keep doing what I was doing so they do not end up with more heart problems. By revealing who was a practitioner of alternative medicine, he laughed and told me to stop giving credit to the sorcerer. She said alternative medicine was a lot of trash and was not supported by scientific evidence. Convincing her that the improvement in my medical condition was because the ayurvedic doctor cured my SOP as a result of which all the diseases that occur due to polycystic ovary syndrome came automatically under control, proved useless.

My doctor told me that the pills given by the Ayurvedic physician were no better than placebos. She asked me to stop seeing her. But he knew better. The next day I went to see my ayurvedic doctor to thank him. She smiled and told me that his work was not finished. She congratulated me on my pregnancy and told me to stop the pills. She prescribed a new series of tablets to combat high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. When asked about the composition of the pills, the doctor smiled and told me to write the names of the herbs, metals and salt on a piece of paper for my reference. I am listing them for the benefit of the reader.

Withania somnifera

Nardostachys jatamansi


Mesua ferrea

Cedrus deodara

Saraca indica

Symplocos racemosa


Bryonia laciniosa

Embilica officinalis

Hygrophila spinosa

Adhatoda vasica

Ficus benghalensis

Nelumbium speciosum

Andropogon muricatus

cyminum cyminum

Caryophyllus aromaticus

Bombax malabaricum

Zingiber officinale

in addition to the herbs mentioned above, the drug also contains ferric oxide, ferrous sulfate, tin and zinc calcified calcified. I was surprised by the amount of ingredients that went into the production of the tablet. Ayurveda did not make sense, doctors knew what they were doing. Then the doctor gave me a new set of pills to combat high lipid levels, blood pressure and diabetes and cleaning the plaque deposited in my arteries. The healer gave me the names of the herbs that cure my heart disease and lower blood pressure. The’m ready for the benefit of readers.

Terminalia Arjuna

Coriandrum sativum

Allium cepa


Ocimum sanctum


Withania somnifera

Nepeta Hindustani

Tinospora cordifolia

Embilica officinalis

Eclipta alba Syn. E.prostrata

Glycyrrhiza glabra


Boerhavia diffusa

Centella asiatica

pluricaulis Convolvulus

Nardostachys jatamansi

Piper longum

Carum copticum Syn. Trachyspermum ammi

Zingiber officinale


Acorus calamus

Embelia Ribes

Syzygium aromaticum

Celastrus paniculatus

Santalum album

Elettaria cardamomum

Foeniculum vulgare

Rosa damascena *

Cinnamomum cassia

Crocus sativus

heart disease and blood pressure pills contained serpentine calcified, calcified shell, rubies, pearls and coral dust.

My ayurvedic doctor gave me the names of the herbs that cure diabetes. They are as follows:

Commiphora wightii

Gymnema sylvestre

Pterocarpus marsupial

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Casearia esculenta

Eugenia jambolana Syn. Syzygium cumini


Boerhavia diffusa

Sphaeranthus indicus

Tinospora cordifolia

Swertia chirata

Tribulus terrestris

Phyllanthus amarus


Gossypium herbaceum

Berberis aristata

Aloe vera Syn. A.barbadensis

Emblica officinalis

Terminalia belerica


Momordica charantia

Piper nigrum

Ocimum sanctum Syn. O.tenuiflorum

Abutilon indicum

Curcuma longa

Rumex maritimus

In addition to the aforementioned ingredients, the diabetes pills also contained asphalt and some metals which were good for the human body.

allopathy is not the only option

The ayurvedic doctor gave me two bottles of pills, one for heart disease and blood pressure and the other diabetes and he asked me to take both for one year. To my surprise, lipid profile became normal. My allopathic doctor informed me that the plaque in my arteries was almost negligible. Blood pressure was under control and was no longer diabetic. My allopathic doctor still refuses to believe that Ayurvedic medicine healed me. However, I have seen the results and know for a fact that Ayurveda can cure various diseases. Now I swear by alternative medicine to the chagrin of my allopathic doctor. My advice to readers is that if allopathy does not work, feel free to try alternative medicine. People will try to discourage you, but up to you to take charge of your life and do what is best for your body.

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